The desire for socialism is a byproduct of corrupted capitalism poising as true free market capitalism

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I hear the rhetoric about socialism and young people. I’ll tell y’all that I am young, but I am no socialist. I am very pro-capitalism and I really believe that the free market is what makes us so much better than the rest of the world in innovation. But, the American economy has failed young Americans for decades and we must understand that is is the result of years diverging from true free market economics. What do I mean? Socialism is appealing to young people because for the last 30-40 years, large corporations have lobbied bills which stifle competition in their own interest. On top of this, stock buy backs were brought back in the 1980’s which gave companies an additional way of spending their money. Rather than using it on salary increases or Research and development, stock buy backs effectively take wealth and give it from the workers and into traders. That whole process did nothing to add any value to the company or its workers. We have designed a political system that allows companies to have a say in how they are regulated…Or their competition.

Case: Oil companies lobbying for both tax cuts, and the removal of solar subsidies. Both aid the interest of the oil company by hurting competition. This is not true capitalism. If industries die off, so be it. That includes bailouts. Please, understand that if capitalism is as good as we believe, it would suffice to say that we wouldn’t even need to be arguing against socialism. This would be a non starter because capitalism just speaks for itself when done right. Stop fighting and instead show us the true power of capitalism.

Also, we hate welfare but provide a whole lot of it to the arms defense industry. These are things that are just so hypocritical because this isn’t really a true free market. But if it was, it would blossom.

It’s a byproduct of free market capitalism acting like free market capitalism. A few subsidies here and there doesn’t change it from free market capitalism.

farmers!! denmark!!

A few lol. The government has so many fingers in so many pies. When entire industries become “too big to fail”, there’s definitely a problem. Free market capitalism is driven by competition. Who needs to compete when you have government sponsors and public bailouts?