THE DEPLORABLE CHOIR: Hear the New 2018 Midterm Anthem ‘Vote Republican' Song HERE

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A new GOP-supporting anthem is taking the internet by storm just weeks ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, with proud Republican voters rallying around the memorable tune as the nation decides the direction of the country this November.

These ‘deplorables’ love President Trump so much they started their own musical group, “The Deplorable Choir.” The band called in to ‘The Sean Hannity Show’ Friday to talk about censorship on social media platforms, including Twitter.

“If you like money and a job, you have big dreams of a border wall, or to keep your doctor and keep your gun, by God vote Republican,” croon the singers.

Here’s a video of their latest song. Follow them on Twitter @DeplorableChoir. Check out the Trump-loving tune below:

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