The Democrats Want A Failing Economy

Well he is a liberal Democrat. He’s just a little further left than Most Democrats, but that’s only so they can get the vote. They have to look some what moderate. They don’t have enough millennials and illegal immigrants to get the job done yet. lol.

No it doesn’t.


I do believe this is thee first time I’ve ever brought up Bill Maher before on this site. Maybe you can find another time I did it supposedly?

First, the president does not have a “huge” influence on the economy. The downward trend in unemployment, stability in labor participation, upward trend in the markets, look the same in 2017-2018 as they did from 2012-2016.

I would like continued (relatively okay) economic health AND a reason to invoke the 25th (no real preference on why it’s invoked).

Apparently it does based on your post.

How about the bonuses that Americans are seeing in their paychecks?
Did you see those in 2012 to 2016 also?

So I was right.

It was completely your intention to impugn all Democrats.

See…was it that hard to admit?

What’s the data on average annual bonus in 2016 versus 2018?

Did you or did you not complain about Democrats in the OP?

Did you not identify one by name in the OP?

One in particular?

Uuuum What? I apologized, but it wasn’t intended to be aimed at all Democrats, just most.
Did you not hear me the first time I said this? Holy Crap! Read your freaking screen! lol.

Honestly, I’m not positive about that one. But I’m guessing since Obama was horrible for thee economy that the average bonuses are better now, then back then. lol.

The economy improved under Obama no matter what metric you are using

Are you, or are you not annoying? lol.

Could you find any other time I brought up Bill Maher, like you said that I did?

Remember that when you blame “all” Republicans or “all” that voted for Trump. :roll_eyes:

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I never said that you did bring up Bill Maher at any other time.


Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Less make up, Sir clown might do you some good.:slight_smile:
So do you deny that under Obama and the Democrats having the majority in the house and senate that they basically took this country from 11 trillion in debt to 19 trillion?

I’m not sure how your math works, but 1 trillion dollars is more than billions or even millions.
What metric system are you using?

If I ever decide to make that absolute of an incorrect statement as in the OP headline you be sure to remind me of my mistake, OK?


I’m pretty sure if there were any in 2016 you would have heard about it in the MSM.

So you are making arguments not based in fact just feelings?

At one point and time other than this post did I get “particular” about Bill Maher?