The Democrats answer to all the Problems we are all having Right Now? "We Can't Fix Anything!"

Really !?

Care to look up where Dow Jones and UE % was at the end of Bush’s presidency (January 2009) vs. end of Obama’s presidency (January 2017) ?

Well, labor force participation rate was the focal point of that post so I wanted to address it with facts.

Southern Ohio. Terrible. We are moving soon.


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I mean, at least they’re starting to be honest about it.

Out of the country?

Anyone with an ounce of character who voted for Biden should be somewhere between embarrassed, hanging their head in shame, and just flat out pissed at the way Biden and company lied to them in the campaign and continue to lie today.

If you were out to destroy America you would govern the way Biden inc has governed.

There’s a left leaning poll that reportedly oversamples democrats, quinipeac…I m not a poll guy so I’m sure I spelled that wrong…Biden is at 37%.

This clown and his administration are a disaster. That town hall from the sound bites I saw was a disaster. The most frequently used words to describe this president are disaster and crisis.

Seriously libs what were you thinking?


2021 is a much better year for me than 2020.

Obomma was a disaster & part of what we are getting now. The worst economy here ever under Obumma.

Let’s try this again.

Care to look up where Dow Jones and UE % was at the end of Bush’s presidency (January 2009) vs. end of Obama’s presidency (January 2017) ?

Was hoping South Texas, with the border crisis & crime wave there, probably be another area.

When it comes to partisan politics, the economy isn’t judged by GDP and UE%, it’s about feelings and emotions.

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But you already live in a red state. Why move unless it’s to another country where Biden can’t hurt you anymore?

Best thing anyone can do is divorce themselves from any political party or movement. I.e. obviously it’s fine to still vote for D or R whenever they represent a better choice on the ballot but it’s wholly unnecessary to identify with either as “this is MY side and WE are the good guys!”


I couldn’t agree more. Partisan politics is terrible for the country, as some of the Founding Fathers warned us about, and it’s the main reason we’re falling behind China in some areas, in my opinion.

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No need to try again, worst economy ever under Obomma in the entire Tri-Sate area. 7 years of poverty. I won’t go through it again under Biden, same thing is starting & we are selling out before it crashes here altogether.

The only reason we can still sell our house is so many people are fleeing the cities who are retired to escape crime & to get out of cash due to inflation. Not much else is happening here economically other than land sales. I figure it’s good for a little while.


Texas will do better than most states.

What Tri-Sate area ?

I thought we were talking about how the economy performed as a whole , which is why UE% and Dow is relevant.

Are you saying Ohio isn’t a red state?

But you just said you probably aren’t moving to Texas.

Dow is irrelevant to people who can’t find a job.

Tri-State = Ohio, West Virginia, & Kentucky.

Before Oboma W.Va. was deep blue. After Obama it’s deep red. The only thing he accomplished here.