The Democrats all knew Biden was senile from the start


Many white people were killed by a cop…nobody rioted.


Lib terrorists did all their terrorism based on the color of Floyd’s skin, plain and simple.


Many black people were killed by cops without riots following.

You need a magnifying glass to find one.

You really think history started just a few years back. Fascinating.

When one side prefers to be a perpetual victim there is no end to moaning and rioting.
After suffering discrimination and slavery instead of embracing the good graces finaly bestowed upon them people decided to moan and belly ache and never be happy with what they got.

Because instead using the good fortune they finaly have and bettering their life they chose to turn on the very same people who got them out of slavery and stay the victims they now don’t have to be.

I never understood that need for revenge and seeing a glass perpetualy half empty instead of half full.
I grew up with black folks and never saw or knew what discrimination and racism is until I came here and was thrown that in my face repeatedly.
I was even acused of something I never knew existed, never mind lived by it.
So history has it’s place in our lifes but living by history only is a sad state of afairs.
I like to learn the history and use it to plan my future.
Not to drag it along as if there is no bright tommorow.

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This is some kind of dissonance.

Again aren’t you from Eastern Europe? Or am I mistaken about that


I am.
We had people from Algeria, Maroco, Egipt …
We shared the Universities with them, they were guests getting education who never felt discriminated by us.

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Right i figured. That’s why i asked.

That’s not true by the way. Just compare how ukranian refugees were treated in Eastern Europe versus Syrian refugees. “Never felt” is a fantasy.

I am Russian. African students in Russia were accepted but absolutely looked down upon.

But yes there is a difference in Eastern Europe outside of Russia because like you said people from North Africa have been part of those cultures much longer so i am sure there was less discrimination and more acceptance. But never is idealism


it is literally just about this bad.


Well HI there moi Towarish… :sweat_smile:
I see now where you’re comming from.
I was fed the same Comunist propaganda while growing up.
It’s by the grace of the upstairs that I was lucky to end up here.
Comunism would succeed if people were mature enough to behave and not give in to selfishness and greed.
It’s a very noble idea :
To each as he needs and from each as he is able to contribute.
That falls apart as the greed and selfishness takes over.

Here…it’s: to each as he is willing to invest, blood tears and money, the sky is the limit.
And if you don’t want to husstle…fine. You won’t starve to death.
Every poorest one among us here has a phone, TV, even clean needles if you shoot, free food and a doctor…
To me that’s a real and better " Comunism ".
If you want and CAN go ahed and grab it.
If you wont or can’t…fine, you have the basics for free.
It’s up to you to chose which.

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“Murder” is a subjective word. (Former) Officer Derek Chauvin was CONVICTED of killing George Floyd.
The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office concluded June 3, 2020 said Floyd had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system, and did not have “life-threatening injuries,” the full report concludes Floyd died from “cardiopulmonary arrest,” not an overdose.
BUT had Floyd not been a fentanyl & meth abuser, would his chances of surviving his encounter with the police be better? Would he have been at that location & time for the police to raise suspicions with him? Would he have been combative enough for the police to restrain him forcefully? Drugs, bad things always happen when they’re involved.

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I am not a communist :blush:. I agree with the entirety of your post

Here’s why I think they ran Biden for a second term, and didn’t come out with not running due to health issues.

Everyone would then want to know when those health issues became apparent. The answer is prior to 2020, and that’s why.


He was convicted of murdering Floyd.

Taking a life from a bum is NEVER an excuse unless it is a justifyable killing.
I get that.
But to riot because one white guy acted as a jack ass…IS an excuse.

All those rioting didn’t give rats ass about Mr. Floyd.
I bet not one of them HELPED the guy live a decent life, ever.

Now that he is dead by a white man’s hand and negligence…let’s have all innocent people pay the price.

WHO is the racist here? :thinking: :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Same with reparations…
yes, white men did a lot to advance lifes of black folks and pull them out of slavery way back .
Yet, TODAY, lets get the scalp of those white men descendants, and have THEM, you and me, pay for all the pain those in the past suffered.

What am I missing here?
It’s realy easy to see what’s going on here, if you want to.

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