The democratic border security lie now fully exposed

The claim that Democrats want border security is one of the biggest whoppers ever told. The gig is up. Continuing the lie is pointless. We know this, They do not want to prevent invaders from entering through a physical barrier. They do not want to simplify the deportation process. Now they are wanting to reduce the numbers of holding facilities. So we have no choice but to turn the invaders loose. And large numbers of democrats want to eliminate ICE so that they are in they are safe from apprehension. But they do claim to want drones patrolling the border. For what purpose? So that we can observe the invasion taking place? Why?

Some of y’all will deflect or try to defend the lie. But Nobody is buying this crap anymore.


A majority of Americans don’t want the barriers expanded

Question, can you direct me where you got this information from? A link perhaps?

I probably could. But why should I bother? There is zero percent chance that you would disapprove even if I did. Which of my points would you be most concerned by? Tell me your number one concern and I will see what I can get.


Sorry, but the OP is not factually accurate.

Large numbers of Democrats want ICE eliminated? Where are you hearing this.

And there is no invasion. Sorry.

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According to whom? And even if this is true, it does not change that fact that the democrats are lying about wanting to secure the border.

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You can’t because it isn’t true. Democrats want to place a cap on the number of additional detention facilities not close down the existing ones

My number one concern is illegal immigrants being able to easily get jobs and the employers who give them these jobs, receive no penalties whatsoever.


According to every poll taken on the subject

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Democrats say they proposed their cap to force ICE to concentrate its internal enforcement efforts on dangerous immigrants. Democrats have proposed reducing the current number of beds ICE uses to detain immigrants here illegally from 40,520 to 35,520. But within that limit, they want most of the beds used for people detained at the border and proposed limiting the number of beds for immigrants here illegally who are caught within the U.S. to 16,500.

I stand corrected

Sorry but it is. There is caravan after caravan trying to force it’s way in. A few days ago a group of 300 were taken into custody in one place. And the list of democrats who want to shut down ICE is growing. A question for you. How many democrats have expressed their support for ICE? They either call for ICE to be shut down, or remain silent. Zero support.

Even if true, Democrats are still lying. That’s the underlying theme.


Thank you. I respect that.

My number one concern is you are not providing verified facts to support the claims you are making…therefore it is not possible to debate the merits or weaknesses of the claims you are making.


I agree. But the fact that the dems ( and some republicans) are lying about wanting border security remains. The gig is up.

Follow the action and ignore the words.

D are not for border security and neither are many R.

Not just some. If Republicans truly cared about border security they would endorse giving E-Verify teeth. Neither side is serious about getting to the root of the problem

I googled “caravan of 300 arrested at border” and nothing came up recently. I would like to see where you got this info from.

Its not. I don’t see any recent polls to justify your comment, unless you go back to June of 2018.

Kamala Harris wants to make changes to ICE not shut it down.
Its an older story (July 2018), but here’s a link to those Democrats who support ICE.

Some polls show differently. But actual numbers probably show more that are opposed. Hillary won the popular vote and her supporters largely remain opposed. Trump’s supporters are largely in favor. With or without the wall, democrats offer nothing regarding border security. Zero.