The Democrat Party is Killing Itself

Increasingly so, more whites are realizing that the economically center-left and socially/culturally conservative party of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy no longer exists. The old Democratic Party was a pro-labor, pro-union party. Today, the Democratic Party is the party of open borders, multiculturalism, and environmentalism—positions that reduce wages, divide communities, and undermine economic prosperity. The traditional base of white working-class Democrats either cannot relate to or are opposed to these policies and as a result have been leaving the Democratic Party in droves.

The Democrats have cynically embraced Hispanics, blacks, Asians, Muslims, the LGBT community, feminism and many other groups in an attempt to divide and conquer the electorate—even though most of these groups have conflicting interests. That in and of itself will be the downfall of the Democratic Party.

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Blue collar whites are leaving the Democrat cult in droves. And soon rival factions in it will split it into multiple extremist parties.

Good riddance.

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Its just. Democrats are so addicted to ad hominem when responding to opposing voices, they have lost the power to reason soundly.

How is this just?

The deranged response to opposing viewpoints can’t be “shut off” at will, they lost the power to reason.

So when the party begins fracturing into fringe groups, according to the identity politics championed by the DNC, they will be unable to put Humpty Dumpty together again.


I’ll agree that the democrat party has basically told all white members who won’t kneel in permanent apology for the acts of our ancestors out to eff off. That said, its not like republicans are any more attractive than they ever have been. They are still whiny, shrill, and hateful. Its just that dems have joined them in their state of constant outrage and hate. I’ve never voted republican, except in local elections where no one else was running, in my near 3 decades of being of voting age and doubtfully ever will. I just no longer vote democrat either. A pox on both sides.


If they are, why do you care?


Whiny shrill and hateful are not adjectives I think of when I think of the Republican party.

In fact, I can honestly say I saw that, ever.

Can you point to an example of that, a link?

Let me ponder that. Why would I post this in a discussion forum?

That’s a tough one.

This is why they can’t understand how Trump won, and why thousands show up to hear him speak. They really thought with the media and Leftist Entertainment Complex they thought that they changed the culture.

Less than 20% of the population does not get to tell 48%++ of the population that they are evil, oppressive, and irrelevant.

For every action…

Trump won by promising to bring jobs back to the Rust Belt.

how is that going?

Cool story.

Its a prediction. Mark it down in your calendar. Like when I predicted against Trump would win, and keep winning.

I was right and Democrats were wrong, bigly.

“predicted against all the pundits” Trump would win, and keep winning

He did.

Winning what?

I’ll let Trump explain it to you