The Deep State got to Ruslan evidence against Hunter Biden

This was the guy who, on the call with Trump, Zelenskiy identified as “100% my person” to assure the President he would get to the bottom of any corruption.

Looks like the Deep State bagged another recruit because…

“I specifically asked prosecutors to check especially carefully those facts about Biden’s alleged involvement. They answered that there was nothing of the kind,” he added.

But of course, we KNOW he’s Deep State because…

Ryaboshapka was fired in March after lawmakers accused him of not moving quickly enough in prosecuting cases. Ryaboshapka said he was axed because he had started bringing real reform to the prosecution service for the first time in a way that threatened the interests of corrupt politicians.

So of course, Trump supporters will call him the “failed investigator” and demand more drip drip drip.


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Good. Then the investigation Trump requested is finished. That fake impeachment sure was a storm over nothing.

his father might be president… that could be useful

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Sorry no fake.

Of course.
But Burisma didn’t hire Biden to do illegal things for them. They hired him because his name would help them do the illegal things and not be called on it.

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Goal post moved :rofl:

Unwittingly caught up in the impeachment row last year, Zelenskiy has said Ukrainians are “tired” of the issue and does not want Ukraine being dragged into the 2020 presidential race.

What is it suggested that Hunter did wrong? The question is; should a VP’s son be paid exorbitant fees to sit on a board where there is a potential conflict of interest between the power of the office of his father and a potential gain by the company of the board the son sits on? Is this a conflict of interest that our nation approves of? Yes or no?

Companies hire people with conflicts of interest all the time.

They are managed like any risk is managed.

There mere existence of a conflict does not necessitate a crime.

And Rudy suggested Hunter did plenty wrong.

which corrupt politicians did he jail?

he was fired for exactly the same reason as the last two… kinda says something about the systemic corruption and the power of the corrupt.

Burrisma is corrupt, we know this because Obama’s people told us it was. Putting Hunter on the board to provide cover is corrupt. His sitting on the board for that purpose is corrupt. The 3M that crossed palms between him and his cohorts is corrupt.


Daddy might become President, that’s useful for Ukraine. Certainly no corrupt political intent in this.

There are numerous cases very similar to this scenario, where politicians in a position of authority, have relatives earning large sums of money from entities that can benefit from the decisions they make. What exacerbates this even more would be the experience one brings to the table and the amount being paid, compared to others in similar scenarios. You may find nothing wrong here but I disagree. The country must always strive to be above this type of potential corruption.

One must find evidence that the conflict of interest was used to benefit in the manner in which you described.

So far, no such evidence has been uncovered…and it’s not for a lack of looking.

…or…you have rules against the potential conflicts in place so that no one has to look?

may very well be for a lack of “seeing” though.

yeah… that looks like a real thorough investigation. They announced it last month, they concluded it less than a month later… what could they have looked at? What did they subpoena? Whom did they subpoena? Did they, under our mutual anti corruption agreement ask for any help? Ask for any documents to be released here? Question anybody?

Oh? You just missed the bit about the prosecutor who was looking into Burisma getting fired at the request of Joe Biden? And before you say it’s all good because he was corrupt, try and remember we have the phone call of the guy who fired him for Biden saying they had no evidence he was corrupt.

Groundhog Day once again.

This mistaken view has been debunked countless times now.

nothing has been debunked. claiming its debunked is not debunking.

Wheres the missing Ukraine aide or is that the next investigation?