The Debt of Patriotism

We all owe a debt of Patriotism to America, for those of use who are Legal citizens.
For all of the freedoms we have, that were paid for by American Lives over decades of spilt Blood!
God Bless All of You!!!:us::us::us::us::us::us::us:
:us::us::us::us::us::us::us: And God Bless America!

doesn’t China own most of America debt?

Unless it’s raining. I kid, I kid. :blush::us:


Does China produce the most emissions in the world, and yet Democratic
politicians do nothing about it, because Global Warming is actually fake?


Are you misinformed, or messing with me, or do you really believe that?

No. Last time I checked they own about $1.5trillion. Half of the debt we owe to ourselves

Well there are a couple of more people living in China than the US. Our per capita emissions are twice that of China…

That’s said, we are moving in the right direction. China, with its growth, will likely pass us at some point.

What are Democratic politicians supposed to do about carbon emissions in China?

Kill 750 million Chinese people to reduce the country’s emissions, obvi

Those politicians in the government of the US have no more jurisdiction to make decisions for the sovereign nation of China than they do to legislate that Mexico send us a check for the wall.


I don’t owe anything to anyone. I’ve gotten to where I am all by myself.

You sound like Obama and his “you didn’t build it.”


What debt of patriotism? Who is going to enforce this debt? Im not going to respect the president no matter what you do.

I’m sorry that you don’t think that Patriotism and devotion to ones
own country is important. I do however. “to each is their own.” I guess.

I respect anyone who has been in the armed forces, and thank them that they fought for this country, but that doesn’t mean that I have to respect their opinion and ideas on Politics. Just like you don’t have to like the President, but the Presidency within itself has a certain level of honor about it.

The president doesnt deserve honor just for having the title. That i do not agree. It takes some nerve for a president to think they carry the will of the people when the people dont elect the president.

So you don’t think that the title of President comes with any amount of respect

I guess that’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats.
Even though I thought that Obama was one of the worst Presidents throughout
America’s history, the fact that he was President, still deserved him to some
amount of Respect from both sides of the spectrum.

I guess that the Dems, are simply all about hate, and simply throw logic
out the window. Funny thing though, the Dem Dems never use to be like that.
It works out for us Conservatives though! lol.

The American people can see the hypocrisy, and they see the truth that way.

The title does not automatically grant someone the worthyness of respect. The true measure of that worth is what someone does with that title. I do not have an ounce of respect for this president as he disrespects the title on a daily basis.

You gotta give it to get it.

Precisely. I respect the OFFICE of the presidency - not necessarily the specific person who may be occupying it at the moment. I would argue that Trump himself doesn’t respect the office of the presidency with the way he is demeaning the office.