The death of the Corporate media? Tucker gets 60 million views in 24 hrs

Wow, talk about blowing out the opposition. Tucker’s analysis of Ukraine and the swamp on his debut show on Twitter went viral. 60 million views and still climbing. That’s how much people want the truth! Cable does not even come close. Is cable news dead?

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No. It only stands to reason that a 2 minute video will get more views than an hour news program

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It’s over ten minutes and it’s got 74 million views right now…

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The article say it is two minutes, but even a 10 minute video is going to get more views than an hour news program.

The monologue of an hour news show get all the ratings then the ratings decline. But that’s darn good copium!

Does anything on cable get 75 million views these days?

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On his best night ever, Carlson didn’t get 57 million viewers for his opening monologue¹. That is because more people are going to watch a 2 minute clip than a news cast. That’s just a fact.

¹-Tucker averaged 3 million viewers a night

But he did on Twitter, so is it the death of the fake news?

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Mark Dice reckons it’s impressions, not views. The actual views are about 15% of the impressions. Still, 11.25 million views is huge.

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I don’t normally use Twitter, but I just watched Carlson. It’s now at 76,000,000 views…but ten minutes or whatever. I’m thinking he is going to be saying things that Fox would not have allowed.
Also, Musk had a comment there about possibly starting a Twitter news channel. Interesting to ponder what that might be like.


that sounds more like a “yes” than a “no”


Yes, 11 million is amazing!!!. I do agree with Dice that the UFO stuff is odd and he should avoid it.

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Personally, i think UFOs appear mostly in the USA because they are DARPA tech taking off from the US. I would steer clear of being too enthusiastic about the idea they have alien specimens preserved or caged.

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Even I watched. But it was ten minutes of Russia didn’t do it, Zelenskyy looks like a dirty rat. Won’t look to watch the next one. Ten minutes was a reasonable asking time.

You cannot compare Twitter to cable. No subscription needed and Twitter can be easily accessed in any country around the globe.

I watch far more news on social media and on the interweb than any subscription based cable channel.

There are Twitch streamers who get more views than a cable news show.

But… but…but…iT’s tHe DeAtH of coRpoRate meDiA!


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Sounds like you actually agree cable news is dying. I think people are trending the way of getting news in other places. Most people don’t trust the corp media anymore. Cable news lies and never apologizes for it. And they are incapable of change.

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It has nothing to do with trust and more to do with how people consume news and media.

All cable news as well as traditional news is dying out and having to evolve. How people consume entertainment, media and now is not the same as-it was years ago.

What Carlson has to do is maintain those eyeballs and Twitter has to get its monetization practices in order.

The downside is that there are no real safeguards in place which is why we have seen such a avalanche of misinformation and outright falsehoods. Its harder to dig through the crap online and easy for someone to live in perpetual confirmation bias.

Twitter and social media is the safeguard. Social media is the place that told you the cable news media was lying about Russian Collusion, masks and that the laptop was real. Tons more. The list is crazy! Certainly govts are the biggest liars of them all…

It’s at 82 million “impressions” or 12 million views already!

Let’s see how his next show goes…

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