The Death of the American Strip Club?

This is an interesting story on the BBC news site about strip clubs declining in popularity in the US.

I am in my late forties and strip clubs have never appealed to me. Last time I was in a strip club was with a group of women from work and they had more fun with the girls than I did.

I can see with the easy access to porn on the internet and the increase of cam girls why strip clubs are losing money.

What is interesting is that it seems the baby boomers have fueled much of the business for strip clubs and as that generation starts to wane it looks like a huge customer base has gone forever.

I remember reading a few years ago that Fort Wayne in Indiana had more strip clubs than churches which says something about Americas weird messed up puritanism. Sex has been a huge part of American culture but the puritanical roots of the US create an environment where it has to be hidden. The movement west was fueled by brothels. The cowboys did not relax at night by reading their bible. They got drunk and got laid but.

The one area where I think Strip clubs will always thrive is around military bases which I know is contradicting what I said earlier but young men in the military train hard, have a ■■■■ ton of testorene and a need to release it.

Symphonies, movie theaters and live music venues are all dying out. This is just part of the change from public entertainment to private (internet) sourced entertainment.

Thats a great point. But there is something about seeing a film at the cinema that you just cannot recreate at home. For me the cinema is an experience.

There’s sort of a balance there, right ?

My favorite part of Simpsons Movie - when everyone thinks the world is ending, there’s a church next to a bar. Everyone runs out - people from the church run inside the bar and people from the bar run inside the church


Local government squashed the lap dance here some time ago, and at the time I predicted that would impact the number of customers. You can’t download that experience. Also, most strip clubs are really just legal clip joints, and they do little to hide that vibe from the customers. Also, I wonder how much business the so-called “breastaurants” are taking from the strip clubs. These places don’t carry the stigma of a strip club, plus their business model is quite far from a clip joint, operating like a standard sports bar for the most part. There are probably more of those places now than ever. I remember the very first Hooters opening in Clearwater in the early '80s. Now they’re everywhere.

Agreed to an extent. For me it’s the sound systems in theaters that make them so good.

But I have a 1000 watt surround system so I can replicate a little bit of that experience considering I live in a one bed room apartment. :joy:

With virtual reality anything is going to be possible.