The death of teh american ideal

how is this even legal?

this is how america will die…
illegal searches. misuse of power.
its not different than what you would expect in a totalitarian state

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If you don’t want to be treated like that you shouldn’t leave the country. We have 50 states; what more do you need?

Terrorists live outside the United States. Why would you want to associate with those kinds of people?

Interesting fact about the statement about this being attributable to tripling under Trump.

What is fy2018?

Didn’t you read the article? The guy was never under arrest. You can violate someone’s Constitutional rights all you want as long as you never arrest them. That’s the American way. Just like pointing a gun at someone makes THEM a threat to YOU. The sad thing is these CBP agents more than likely knew this guy wasn’t coming into the country illegally, they just decided he was a smartass and wanted to punish him for it. The same exact reason some people get harassed by law enforcement in general.

What’s worse is the court system, the branch of the government that is supposed to protect people like you and me from abuses of the executive branch such as this, has been complicit in allowing this stuff. Why? Because it’s easier to kick the can down the road instead of actually dealing with it.

I’m not sure what Trump has to do with this though as it’s been going on longer than he’s been in office. What’s really surprising is these are the only people some people want to be armed in this country. Yet, these people aren’t held to higher standards like they should be. They’re allowed to do stuff like this. AND they’re armed. How long before it’s ok for them to start shooting people who aren’t under arrest either? Oh wait. That’s already happening.


:rofl: I actually physically LOLed

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Uh. From your article

in the first six months of FY17, CBP searched the electronic devices of 14,993

So what about the other six months of the year?

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I am leaving the reference to the CBP sight, but removing my numbers. It looks like there may have been a big increase. If I am reading iot now, that 14k number may have just been the first six months of fy 17. Check it yourself.

Of course it was Doug. The report you linked was released:

April 11, 2017

How were they going to publish statistics for months that hadn’t happened yet?

Where’s the report from April of this year? Was there one?

Here are the numbers.

FY2015 - 8,503
FY2016 - 19,051
FY2017 - 30,200

Democrats didn’t give a damn when James Rosen was threatened with being charged as a co-conspirator.

Why all the outrage now?

Did find this though:

which starts off:

December 3, 2018. Seems troubling.

All the outrage? One article? I thought the guy who wrote it was a journalist. Where did the article say he was a democrat?

FY2018 - 33,295

From the article.

“Today’s electronic devices contain vast quantities of highly personal information that the Supreme Court has repeatedly held requires a warrant to be searched in other contexts,” in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts says. “The border search context is no different.”

“The border search contest is no different”. There may be a little problem with that one. It will take throwing out a deal of precedence.

“That searches made at the border, pursuant to the longstanding right of the sovereign to protect itself by stopping and examining persons and property crossing into this country, are reasonable simply by virtue of the fact that they occur at the border, should, by now, require no extended demonstration.”

It would help the governments position if they could show some benefit from all those searches, though.

And the “border” extends to 100 miles including from the coast. Or is it more now?

Ya its why I stopped visiting the U.S Border agent have been horrible lately (under Obama too)

There’s a border in Hartsfield-Jackson where CBP agents are doing this.

100 miles they monitor all transportation in that range.

taking a train from NYC to Niagara fall NY to spend the weekend the CBP will be around asking for your papers even if you don’t cross the border.

Pretty much the CBP can stop anyone within the state of NY and demand proof of citizenship.

They stop buses, trains, etc traveling WITHIN America that have never left America and ask for papers.