The current state of COVID nationally

I’ve been looking at the numbers nationally over the past few months:

Coronavirus disease 2019

Here’s the latest trends I’m observing.

  1. Nationally almost all states are continuing to see steady increases in cases.
  2. The hardest hit states like Alabama, Florida, etc., seem to be leveling off.
  3. If these trends hold we will surpass pre-vaccination case counts nationally.

I have not done an analysis on death rates/trends, so I was wondering if someone else here did? Also does anyone know about where we stand on the long-term efficacy of the vaccine and the necessity for booster shots. Please feel free to add to this thread.

Look forward to your input.


Here is the latest in my area.

More than 250 new cases of COVID-19 were reported Tuesday in Allegheny County, as the health department continues to grapple with the latest surge of infections.

The 263 cases were reported in the last 24 hours. No new deaths were reported.

The majority of the cases — 112 of them — occurred among people ages 25 to 49, according to the county’s data. Children under the age of 12, who cannot yet be vaccinated, represented 32 of the total cases.

These levels are not at all alarming to me and everything is now open. 45,000 at the Stiller game last Saturday.


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I’m trying to think of any “boosters” I’ve had to take since my 6th anthrax shot. :thinking:


delta has already peaked

good news?


You’re likely no longer protected. You’d need a yearly booster to ensure long term protection.

BioThrax: It is given to people 18 through 65 years old at increased risk of exposure in five doses, with a booster dose each year thereafter for those that continue to be at increased risk of exposure. It is given, in combination with antibiotics, as a three-dose primary series after exposure.

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I’ll bet my immune system could kick your immune system’s ass. :sunglasses:

Maybe. Although considering my line of work puts me in constant contact with all sorts of bugs I bet I’d put up a food fight. :mask:


They always do. :sunglasses:

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They thought it peaked in the UK and now it’s going up again.

We shall see.

dont worry there’ll be other variants

Yes COVID is here forever.

We should start planning for the endemic endgame.


“we” already are. masks forever, or maybe just in winter months, and vax papers to cross state lines

No that’s the people speaking in your fever dreams.


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yeah fever dreams hee hee ha ha…

Still, while more severe measures — such as mandating vaccines for interstate travel or changing how the federal government reimburses treatment for those who are unvaccinated and become ill with COVID-19 — have been discussed, the administration worried that they would be too polarizing for the moment.“

from right wing whacko “AP News”


Vaccines not masks.

Vaccine mandates are neither new nor radical.

Only the voices chirping in people’s today make it seem so.

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mask mandates are everywhere. it’s not a stretch to see them staying

hey how about that vax for interstate travel!?!

fever dream still?

papers to cross state lines…

now where have i heard that before…?


In fever dreams.

I read that AP article. To say from that that the Biden administration is going whole hog on forcing vaccination for interstate travel takes an Alex Jones level of stretching.

Can you imagine this mindset during World War II?

“Draft! No way, man! You can’t make me fight! I know my rights!”

“It’s my right to buy all the tires and gasoline I want! I’m taking three weeks off from the ammo plant, getting new tires and driving to California right now, and it’s my right to! Besides, my friend Hal, who we call ‘The General’ because he likes to read war stories, so that means he knows all about military supply and logistics, saw a platoon training in England on a newsreel last night, and the Jeeps there all had tires and plenty of gas cuz they were all being driven around! And all the soldiers had bullets! That means the Deep State is lying to us and only making us ration to control us!”


what the AP states is that the admin has considered it and therefore discussed it. they outright said it despite what bizarre narrative you are attempting here, folding in “alex jones” who the hell ever that is

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