The Crit/Prog Vocabulary of Cringe Red Flags to Watch For

Given the ubiquitous state of crit philosophy and its ever-evolving corruption of language and its double-speak tactics, I thought it would be useful to identify some red flags.

They, of course, share our vocabulary; not our dictionary.

These are words and phrases that when you read or hear them, you need to understand “crit”.

If you keep in mind they presuppose revolution for the good and the mission is to create critical consciousness to drive the revolution, it’s easy. Remember-Crit only makes more crit or crit making tools.

Feel free to add your own terms, to identify them, or discuss them.

The first of course is:

  1. Equity - equality of outcomes

  2. “Our democracy” - the will of the critically conscious. Pelosi uses this one a lot.

  3. Diversity - members of different identity groups, but all critically conscious. Crits of a different race, sexual preference, etc. But not critically conscious is not allowed.

  4. Optimum student development

  5. Transformative and derivations - An Obama favorite. Transform from capitalism to…


Transformative SEL - the Florida law sky screaming.

Now, back to the topic.

Once you start to recognize the red flags, keep in mind they only really ever use two tactics: motte and bailey or kafkatrapping.

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Given the furor over public schools:

A critical pedagogy, then, would focus on the study of curriculum not merely as a matter of self-cultivation or the mimicry of specific forms of language and knowledge. On the contrary, it would stress forms of learning and knowledge aimed at providing a critical understanding of how social reality works, it would focus on how certain dimensions of such a reality are sustained, it would focus on the nature of its formative processes, and it would also focus on how those aspects of it that are related to the logic of domination can be changed.

Aronowitz & Giroux, 1985

I think we can see where this new sensibility is coming from. Look closely at that last clause.

These people are evil.

Minoritize - a verb. :rofl:

“Transformative SEL” is a process whereby young people and adults build strong, respectful, and lasting, relationships that facilitate co-learning to critically examine root causes of inequity, and to develop collaborative solutions that lead to personal, community, and societal well-being.

This form of SEL is aimed at redistributing power to more fully engage young people and adults in working toward just and equitable schools and communities. It emphasizes the development of identity, agency, belonging, curiosity, and collaborative problem-solving within the CASEL framework.

Link to Crit Garbage

Look at all those red flags! Sounds kinda good if you’re color blind.

They’re doing this all over your schools.

I’ve had organic intellectuals on this very forum claim “equity” doesn’t mean “equality of outcomes”. Can you believe that?

I’ll be back later to add some more. In the meantime, fee fee free to add your own.

“Interrogate” is a good one.

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When they say things like “You want to teach kids homosexuals don’t exist” in response to “you’re teaching 5 year-olds gender identity”.

That is the motte and bailey. They build strawmen like a factory.


Agender - people who don’t identify as any gender.

The CDC has their own socio-political language. They want Illegal immigrant and illegal alien referred to as undocumented immigrant or people with undocumented status. The person with undocumented status, just needs documentation. :roll_eyes:


Cisgender - All it really means is normal human being. :wink:


Yep. And bank robbery is account deprived withdrawals.


Can I identify as a lesbian trapped in a man’s body?


You’d gross me out if you didn’t. :rofl:


“Fair Share” - No American citizen should be permitted to earn more than the average Nike employee in a third world factory.

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Sure. Obama identified as a man trapped in a bunny rabbit’s body. He was a tour guide for Brandon.

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I really wish we had an education insider on here.


Just for the record, this crit crap is a cult.


Cult - whatever the latest lib boogeyman is.