THE CRISIS CONTINUES: Norway to Give Away ‘FREE HEROIN’ to ‘Help’ Drug Addicts | Sean Hannity

Norway unveiled its new approach to tackle the country’s escalating heroin crisis Friday; announcing the government’s plan to give away free narcotics to those struggling with addiction

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Are they nuts !

I don’t think they are. It might be one of those things where the dose gets stepped down in amounts that the body doesn’t notice.

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This will drastically cut down on the crimes that come with the drug like the dealing of heroin,the violence between dealers and scores of crimes committed by desperate junkies.
Not to mention the deaths of addicts and the tragedy of their ruined families

I think it is worth a try.

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This is beyond ridiculous. Supplying heroin to junkies. Who comes up with these ideas? Now junkies from all over the world will go to Norway for their fix. Does anyone see a problem here? There has to be more to this story. Socialized medicine at it’s best.

Maybe Norway is hoping to kill off its junkies so they are no longer a burden to the social welfare system.

Surely you are ready to show us evidence that what Norway is doing is less effective than what we are doing.

By the way you post you’re clearly holding evidence of Norway having a far greater opioid problem than the US, with lower recovery rates than us as well.

Exactly the opposite actually. Norway is working to ween their addicts off in a safe environmen while cutting down criminal activity and emergency costs.

They’ll save money in the end and have less addicts. What’s wrong with that?

Hey, if it happens to have the dedired effects, more power to ‘em. Any info yet on how it’s working for ‘em?

We’ll see from here how it goes for Norway.

Needle exchanges are working to limit disease transmission. I recall the uninformed uproar that caused when the idea first entered America, but here we are years later with proven results.

Similarly, I remember the predictions of masses of drug zombies and the death of a nation when Portugal first proposed legalizing heroin, and everything else, 18 years ago. Look at em now.

We’re doing the 48 year war on drugs wrong. Worse yet, in a very short span of time we ingrained in ourselves this idea that drug users need to be punished at any cost and now somehow take this new, provably failing method, as “common sense”. After nearly 5 decades of failure the world is starting to get a bit smarter.

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I find it interesting that the Hannity website merely took a blurb from the yahoo article and rewrote the headline with a bit of ALL CAPS.

Without that flair of added drama by this website, the full article is a useful read:

Already adopted or tested in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark, medical heroin therapy is controversial, but supporters argue that in addition to improving the quality of life of addicts and lowering overdose mortality, it reduces crime and the costs associated with it.

Now, why are we supposed to be outraged again?

I kinda agree. This might be a good experiment for us to follow. Let’s see how it goes before we declare it a failure. Time will tell.

Do you see the problem here?

We have an opioids crisis in this country.

Our family and neighbors are dying daily from synthetic dope cooked for us in the finest labs in the world by doctors with the highest degrees, passed down to warehouses the sizes of cities so that there will always be enough to satisfy our towns.

I have hard time seeing why you’re outraged at those using provably working methods to save people. There is more to the story and its time we all start catching up.

Give enough heroin away and the addict problem will solve itself.

That’s a quote from a bad guy in a movie I just saw…It’ll come to me.

Anyway, heroin ain’t squat compared to the stuff we cook right here and feed to your family friends and neighbors.

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