THE COST: NYC Housing Authority Paid $1,973 PER APARTMENT to Install LED BULBS | Sean Hannity

The New York City Housing Authority paid-out a whopping $1,973 per apartment unit to upgrade pre-existing lighting fixtures; raising serious new doubts over the ‘Green New Deal’ and its demand that every single building in America convert to higher energy standards.

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I tell you this woman is dizzy! Needs to be ousted ASAP!!!

She needs an eye exam. While we’re at it, let’s throw in a brain scan.

My question is Why didn’t they just give the LED light bulbs to the residents? Save a whole lot of money. I guess that wouldn’t be efficient enough. Imagine if the government could control a lot more how much better we could live? That was sarcasm as good as I could get.

I spent $86 over the last year for lightbulbs and another $20 for a new circuit breaker. Not fancy LEDs, but then I’m not a fancy person on my budget.

AOC’s $2000 vs. Trump’s $100? I’ll stick with Trump and his economics. I can afford him.

… and the ROFL continues! I did my house years back when those bulbs first came out and it helps. It also helps to unplug the washer and dryer when you are not using them if you can. I saved a measured $50.00 per machine per month and those were efficient machines. Unplugging from the wall is the key. Leaving it plugged in the outlet still draws current across your meter thus you pay a higher electric bill each cycle. Turn off the lights when you are not in a room for more savings over a month.

lWhat is this crazy Ocasio-Cortez smoking or drinking because she looks and acts like a mental case. She’s total nuts. She needs a brain because what she wants to do to this country is ridiculous. We are not a socialist country whichis where this nutjob belongs. She really needs to be thrown out of Congress along with Ilan Omar and crazy Maxine Waters. How in the hell did these three crazies ever get into Congress. They’re an embarrassment to the United States. They need to go now and fast.

I was listening to someone today and the point they made was very valid. According to him, the establishment dems are using AOC as a diversion. They will use her and her crazy ways until they get what they really want and then kick her to the curb. Their real plan lies with the bill they are planning to pass called the “Green Deal” but its real purpose is to totally change this country’s economic position to government run, with the help of labor unions, all of our lives through taking over the energy sector, education, the complete take-over of all big business. If you read this new bill that Pelosi and her crazy party is planning to pass, the private insurance business will be eliminated and pharma will be under government rule. Not that big changes do not need to be made in the insurance and pharma business, but all of this run by the government would be even worse. It would be a socialist take-over of our government and lives, just like other failed attempts such as we are seeing in Venezuela.

And here I sit thinking about the 39.5 PENNIES an hour I got as a NAVY Interior Communications Electrician with a Broadcast engineering and Inertial Navigation qualifications.
Oh and the 5 years I spent teaching on that same wage.

I need a raise.

Sean, Tenant’s sell those LED light’s for a profit to local swap shops or pawn shops. You can also buy them on-line, super cheap. Once they are gone, they get replacement LED’s and sell those. Sean this a cash cow for the tenant’s.

Are you–■■■… do the numbers: One man- total $136,00, overheard, plus 30% = $197.00/hr
20 bulbs @ $10.00 ea= $200/per unit. Two hours work to replace bulbs: $394.00 + $200 (bulbs);
total $594.00 / unit. !! At $1974/unit, $394/man = 5.0 men working 2 hours.
How many NY electricians does it take to replace 20 light bulbs? 5 ! One to hold the bulb and 4 to turn the ladder around and around… they are all Dems…

“…raising serious new doubts over the ‘Green New Deal…” Only a total economic ignoramus could not have doubts about such a ridiculous scam.

Just more proof of the ways govt is wasting the taxpayer’s money- if the liberals want to make everything environmentally efficient, let them pay for it themselves- they have more than enough money. This is why libs don’t want to spend money to build the wall- they want to continue to waste it themselves- nothing will change unless taxpayers fight back- the money they claim the President is trying to take from them, that is supposed to be “spent” on other projects is a sham- make the Dems prove what other"projects" they want the money the President is trying to use to build the wall for- exhibit a right here in this article- more govt waste- that is what the Dems do- they find ways to waste our hard earned money

And Cuomo’s freaking out because he’s two Billion short in the budget… Gee, I wonder why?