The Corrupt Patent Office

Inventors are getting robbed of their inventions through corruption inside the patent office. Often patent office officials are later given high paid positions in companies they ruled in favor of.

Corruption in general in the US is getting out of control. Their needs to be better oversight & review, & officials inside the patent office need to be excluded from getting any kind of reward or employment when they leave employment to the patent office for at least 10 years, including being rewarded with judgeships.

Can we please not make this a partisan thing? I think both sides should be in agreement on this.

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A related issue is that US patent examiners have a huge case load. They frequently issue patents of dubious validity.

From your link:

"But inventors don’t seem to trust their patents will be upheld anymore.

Furry, who held a patent worth millions before the PTAB invalidated it, said that he now advises inventors to spend money on advertising instead of patents.

“What I would do is try to keep as many of the secrets to myself as I could and try to make as much money as I could with it before a competitor started showing up,” he said. “It’s not worth it at all.”

A really sad state of affairs. Patents used to be a way for new businesses to emerge and have a means to compete and make it.

Right, a patent is not protection in a corrupt agency that allows a patent to be taken from the original inventor & stolen by Microsoft, Apple, etc.