The "Conspiracy" theory manifests

Bits and pieces of these stories, tying some “Proud Boys” with colluding with the FBI coming out. Nothing adds up.

As anyone can see, there is a FBI/DOJ/Globalist, runaway stagecoach and the reins are on the grounds with terrible people in control, trying to overturn America.

This was mentioned early on but never covered by the MSM. Hmmmmm…wonder why? :roll_eyes:


The idea that the FBI hadn’t thoroughly infiltrated groups like the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and 3 percenters is laughable on its face. If you don’t smell fish, get a covid test.


Does anyone on the dem side care about growing tyranny from the fed govt…?


No, too busy applauding early morning raids on journalists.


It’s a shock to you that law enforcement embeds informants?

American Greatness? Really?
This article is full of speculation and has very little fact based evidence.

When there are facts to back up your speculation I will look forward to reviewing it. Until then I treat it as what it is, speculation.

Says a person who pushed the msm russia collusion narrative for years.

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