The Collusion Delusion

Furthermore, Mueller stated that Russian military intelligence officers launched a “concerted attack on our political system,” which included hacking Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and funneling stolen emails to WikiLeaks, while a private entity simultaneously embarked on a social media campaign in which Russian citizens posed as Americans in an effort to swing the 2016 election for Trump. Further, Trump allegedly obstructed justice in attempting to shut down Mueller’s investigation, which centered on members of the Trump team.Mueller on Russian election interference: Read my damn report — Quartz


People really should read the report.


July 27, 2016: “I will tell you this: Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” he said. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

As it turns out, that same day, the Russians — whether they had tuned in or not — made their first effort to break into the servers used by Mrs. Clinton’s personal office, according to a sweeping 29-page indictment unsealed Friday by the special counsel’s office that charged 12 Russians with election hacking.

Some are confused as to which side the Delusion is on. Reading the report would help with that. Facts matter.


As I kind of just posted about this in another thread, I’ll quote my response there. If someone wants to claim that investigators felt they could not find a crime to charge someone with or there wasn’t enough evidence this was a conspiracy and not just a bunch of idiots, that is fine. But the idea that nothing that could be construed as collusion took place? That is crazy.

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It’s also unequivocally not true. Facts do matter. #factsmatter

This again?


No collusion no obstruction.

It was on page one. Probably.

Where in the mueller report does it say “yes collusion”??

Anything to save their criminal enterprise, who needs enemies when we have the Democratic Party.

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Why bother when you have AM radio ready to tell you what to believe.

Saves time, fills the need for uninformed outrage.


They have to divert attention in their heads from Trump’s endless stupidity somehow.

So this was a drive by OP?


I believe so.

That’s the perfect Trump supporter attitude: “I will state as fact, something that didn’t happen”.


This is precisely why this country is in the situation it is as far as political division.

For more than a generation now, a whole segment of our electorate has been turning to right wing ENTERTAINERS and considering them journalists.

Morning, noon and night, they hear rightie talking heads cut the corners off facts to fit them into round holes. That’s why there are layers and layers of misinformation now causing many in that audience to be woefully misinformed about many current events.

Rush et al make tens of millions of dollars a year telling these people what they want to hear, facts be damned.

I’m not sure how we can ever rectify this problem. it may be here to stay. God help us as a nation.


Did Manafort give internal polling data to Kilimnik about states that went on to be heavily targeted by Russians on social media? Yes.

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But yeah, there definitely weren’t any secretive dealings going on that the Trump campaign repeatedly lied about to the American people. Because that would be…collusion.

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No he didn’t. He said that he would listen if a foreign government had information and then, if it showed something wrong, hand it over to authorities. Just what should be done.

I note that the responses are all about how the Mueller report doesn’t address the word “collusion” (true, it only said it didn’t establish any cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russian interference in our election). These responses then leave out what they were expecting to find in the first place.
That’s because they have nothing. There was no smoke. They just got excited over things like Sessions talking to some Russian at a party with many other people there. It was pathetic and hopefully the DOJ will tell us what really started all this.