The Chicago Cubs!

Even though I’m a life long Cubs fan, and will always be so, I still have respect for the opposition. I do realize and understand that Yadi Molina will go down in the record books, and is one of the best catchers of all time. You can build a team around him no matter what his age is! And you can’t put a price on that! Yadi, could go to any team at any age, until he decides to retire, mainly for the fact that not only any player that comes up will respect him, but any pitcher will respect him aswell. And one major problem will most teams is that the catcher and pitcher constantly crash on what pitch to pitch. I can tell you about the Cubs to the T so to speak, but you tell me? What do you think about Theo? What Cub is your favorite? and why?

I’m still bummed Theo left the Red Sox.

I think Theo has been amazing. He makes good moves. He’s going to give them a great team for as long as he’s there. However, Cub fans have to realize these kids have to learn to be consistent. They caught lightening in 2016…but to get back to WS the players need to be consistent.

Javy Baez. My favorite then Rizzo!

I used to love running home from school to turn the Cubs game on the WB. The Ryno, Sosa, Grace, etc… I grew up with a great lineup.

I’m unpopular for this belief…but for a handful of guys… Ryno, Ronnie, Billy and Ernie. I could careless about any so called Cub Great. In essence they all failed. My hero’s at 52 Are guys like David Ross, Anthony Rizzo, Javy Baez, Jon Lester and Kyle Schwarber. They are my heros. These boys of summer. The rest were just players.

I have no steak in any sport so it’s all good. I just like the memory is all. :slight_smile:

My question is has Theo traded to many Chicago Cubs players off, that help the Cubs finally win the World Series? There was so many good extras! Like a 5 pitcher rotation with Jason Hammel, and 2009 rookie of the year Chris Coughlan! He didn’t pay up for Arietta, or Dexter Fowler. Certain players fit well with certain teams, and I hope that he didn’t screw us over!
More than any of those other players, I think that our chances of winning again go way down, unless we get back David Ross, as an advisor in the dugout!!! And we need him back asap!

Personally, I think that Joe Madden is a great manager overall, but he’s too easily. And when you have a team as young as the Cubs, you can’t do that. The reason they won to me, was because they had Anthony Rizzo, and John Lester looking up to a seasoned Veteran like Grandpa Rossy, and they respected him, and feared him at times possibly. Madden is to easy on them, so it does scare me at times, because they easily have the talent to win several World Series, but won’t unless they seek out the right advice from the right people that are needed within the organization.

I am a die hard Chicago Cub Fan…I live outside of Chicago and follow the team and Chicago sports religiously.

  1. Jason Hammel sucked after June 30. Literally sucked.
  2. They didn’t trade Chris Coughlan, he moved up and down so much they lost control of him and he was signed off of waivers if I remember correctly. Incidentally, just yesterday they signed him to a minor league contact with triple A Iowa. He may be back in the fold by the middle of June.
  3. The Cubs. Theo in particular made an offer to Arietta just prior to signing Yu Darvish. Arietta turned the offer down without so much as a thank you.
  4. Dexter Fowler came back on a one year deal with the promise to Theo, that after that year he was going to chase the money…Again not Theo’s fault.
  5. David Ross would be a distraction to the team. They have plenty of leaders on this team…namely one Anthony Rizzo and Javier Baez. The Cubs have been a part of a couple bench clearing incidents the past two weeks…Rizzo is the first off the bench. The other day Schwarber argued a called third strike and got ejected, then threw his helmet, and went toe to toe with the home plate umpire. First player there to pull Schwarbs away was Baez.

They don’t need a David Ross because there would be a constant drumming from fans like you to see him suit up and catch Lester. Lester doesn’t need that and neither does the best catcher in baseball right now Willson Contreras. They won in 2016. You can’t go backward. This in my opinion is the most talented team they have had in the 2015-2018 period of greatness. If Quentana and Darvish pitch like they pitched in their last two outings the rest of the way…Cubs will win this division by 10 games and will be in the world series again come October. Stop being a Cub fan of old and trying to resurrect ghosts of teams past.

I am tired of people calling David Rossy Grandpa. He was there to teach Anthony Rizzo how to be a leader and catch baseball games for John Lester. Madden is not to easy on them. Hell this past weekend he benched Baez a game for starting a bench clearing incident with Cincinatti Pitcher who struck him out. I will repeat again. They do not need a David Ross he is retired and let him stay retired. You do realize that the Cubs have reached the NLCS three years in a row. This year will likely be the 4th. When was the last time that happened in major league baseball?

You are what I like to call a typical Cub fan. My best friend is one too. The typical Cub fan doesn’t realize what awesomeness they are watching. They have no idea what they have in front of them. They want to win every damn game, and that just doesn’t happen. It makes me laugh when I see the hand wringing from Cub fans. Man sit back and watch and marvel at Javy’s play at second base. His base running excellence, his hitting and how he handles the perfectly placed throws from Contreras. Sit back and watch as Rizzo and Bryant calmly start hitting the ball again. Watch and be amazed at Kyle Hendricks as he paints the corners and gets more ground outs then most. Man…this is such a fun team to watch…Don’t let your typical Cub complaining get the best of you. Enjoy it…revel in it…As the Black Hawks have learned, it doesn’t last forever…you have to enjoy it while it lasts. This team won’t be together forever!

THEY WON THE WORLD SERIES FOR GOD SAKE! In my eyes this team is already full of heroes and Greatest of all time Cub players. I could care less about all the former lovable loser Cub heroes. The current Cubs will always be the greatest Cubs of all time.