The challenges of virtual learning in an inner city school

I still keep in touch with friends in the profession and this topic came up:

From the article:

“There was some cursing that went on, some verbal threats and some pornography,” Paterson Public Schools Superintendent Eileen Shafer said."

Cos school kids never cursed and never looked at porn before the pandemic.

There is zero of this in poor rural schools!!


This is during the class.

Don’t know about that personally. I can only speak about what my experiences were where I taught along with what I am hearing from friends of mine in NJ. I can tell that the inner city schools in NJ are not desirable places to work.

Havent read the aticle. But for that quote.
I live in the Weathest county in the United States.
The county sent out a email last friday saying that in multipile class room students were using racial slurs, some pornography, and threating and inapproptiate language (Then went on about how it will not be tolerated and what they will do to try to stop it).

It is hardly a issue unique to inner cities.

I will reiterate what I said to Lucy Lou. I am going on what I have been hearing from friends of mine in NJ who are teachers. Thus far the people I know in the suburb schools have not had those issues. I can tell that the inner city schools in NJ are not desirable places to work.

Im sure they are not.
But the example the article gave is the same thing that is happening in the Richest County In America’s school system where Teachers are linned up to work.

So your statement may be 100% true- But the example is not unique to inner city schools.