The Catch--22 of Preventive Measures

You mean like vaccines? “Everyone is vaccinated, so my kids don’t need it.”

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What a load of BS. This boomer was raised on a farm where there isn’t much idle time. This boomer raised his children to know what work was as well and they have good work ethics.

The pot smoking hippies were another story but they were a disgruntled and lazy minority.

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Not holes but rather a load of BS.

The plural of anecdote is not data. (Well I can eat 10 hot dogs in 10 minutes; every pushing-40 year guy old can!)

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This thread got weird quickly.

But i think the OP is correct. There is drastic action being taken right now that will help. It will slow down the spread (Not stop it) and hopefully bridge a gap to the point where its more under control due to better testing, treatment, warmer weather (If that matters) and eventually a vaccine.

But if it works, Americans will look back and say “That was a major over-reaction!” and if it doesn’t work it will be “See -that was pointless”.

They failed to learn basic computer skills and refuse to use internet resources to gather reputable information.

The guy shouldn’t have used manipulation of media as a hallmark of the youngest generation.

Young people don’t understand how to have difficult conversations and expect too-rapid career advancement to be sure. DIY skills are horrible…I could go on…

But manipulation by media as a point of criticism is laughable when comparing to Boomers.

We kind of have a “test case” where preventative actions like this were taken too late (or not at all)…the 2009-10 swine flu pandemic.

“Luckily” for that one, the majority of cases were mild AND the death rate was much lower than the current death rate for this is.

We also do have (contrary to what I said earlier) an example of the experiment run side by side- from the 1918 Spanish Flu…a tale of two cities- Philadelphia and St. Louis.

Philadelphia did not practice social distancing. They held a huge war bond parade with soldiers who were infected with the flu marching in it.

St. Louis, on the other hand, shut down almost everything within days of detecting the first cases of flu.

Here’s how the caseload played out:


Philadelphia was one of the cities hit hardest by the Spanish Flu. St. Louis had less than half the cases per capita.

If that graph looks familiar, it’s because a similar one has been shown all over social medai and the web the past few days.

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I think its more like boomers expect young people to buy their way into jobs for $10,000s via College, then do all the work, while Boomer “managers” pass emails around and fall behind trends in technology/information, and never let younger people utilize their education, since Boomers don’t understand it (not being educated themselves).

Now that may be the IT/Corporate world, but I’ve found Boomers to be some of the most useless. Generalizing of course, but Boomers fell behind 10 years ago. Now they just want cushy management jobs to pretend they just don’t get in the way, and silo knowledge so they have a ransom to hold

I call it the “report what everyone else is doing jobs” so that Boomers higher up can report to the CEO.


Here’s your argument:

I was a good dad so boomers were good dads.

My kids are good kids, but theirs is still a lousy generation.

Great example of how a brain ignores/applies the rules of logic as it suits our conclusions!


Of course there is another possibility.

The actual death rate jumps all over the place from one location to the next. That rate depends on the quality of care available and the number of people who are really infected. As of now, it is still pretty much a guess.
Well, that other possibility was that it never was the threat that it was supposed to be. That, regardless of what was done, the death rate was not going to be that high nor the damage done that great. It may be that it would have come to an early end on its own.
And that the damage done to the economy was more due to panic than the pandemic.
Not dissimilar to the depletion of toilet paper supplies in stores.

That is the other possibility.

Good observation. Let’s discuss.

If, as you say, the media is trying to destroy the economy of the entire world, but mainly the US, because it does not like the president in power (and remember please that this is NOT a thread about the coronavirus, it is a thread about pandemics in general and how they need to be dealt with world-wide), then they may well succeed.

I don’t know that any economy can deal with 14 days of no one gathering anywhere and making purchases only online.

Would the media (knowing their reports would cause panic) really try to destroy world economies like that to get rid of a political leader (in this case the US president) whose policies they don’t like?

You apparently posted your reply to someone elses statement under my post, as I said no such thing as you talk about.

Come here kid…let me put my boot up y…

It’s a joke people. :rofl:

Oh, like you have the leg strength to fit a boot up my narrow…


I’m embracing the last of my youth in these waning months before 40. I assume come August I’ll be bitching about young people too :frowning:


They’ll be bitching about you, old man. :wink:

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But but but, I’m cool, dammit!!

I mean, I may not Snapchat, Instagram, or understand esports or twitch, or know of any YouTubers, or get EDM, and maybe I still leave voicemails sometimes…

Wait, shoot. ■■■■ me.

Never mind everything I wrote in this thread. Young people suck.

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LOL wait until your body doesn’t do what you think it should do…if it hasn’t already.

It’s little humbling. :wink:

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No worries, Oregon Trail Gen knows a thing or two to keep things going for a while. :sunglasses:

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