The Catch--22 of Preventive Measures

We live in a country where people will stop buying something (in one case Corona beer) because it’s name resembles an illness (Coronavirus). Or where people will boycott a restaurant and send death threats to its staff, because a restaurant in a whole other state, totally unconnected to the one under attack - ejected a prominent person for political reasons.

In other words lots of Americans at the very least don’t have much common sense.

At the moment there’s a 14 day shut down of public activies in order to curtail the virus. (This thread is not about the coronavirus, per se, but rather about any illness that has been declared a pandemic. There could and probably will be more in future if bioterrorists get their way).

So let’s say there’s a 14-day lockdown for disease A.

And after 14 days of this lockdown, which prevents a pandemic in this country, what are the odds that Americans are going to say…“Well, there were supposed to be 80,000 deaths by now and there were only 2,000. 14 days wasted - obviously there was no need to cancel school or sporting events.” [Again, this is not about coronavirus but about any pandemic threat where the death toll might be estimated as that high if left unabated]

So they don’t realize that it is because of the shutdowns and quarantines, etc. that there weren’t 80,000 deaths in the country. They are expecting those deaths regardless of the shutdowns and quarantines.


even if there was a lockdown people would still break it, soft-lockdown, hard-lockdown it doesn’t matter it will only slow the wave it won’t stop it.

We live in a land where the MSM has evolved much of the lazy and willfully ignorant population, into sheople. They are told what to think, how to react, what’s “in”, what’s “out”. I’ve personally observed us evolve from what was considered the greatest generation into the sorriest one and I’m mentally burdened by it.


Why have boomers evolved/devolved so rapidly? It’s an interesting question. I think your group, and particularly men, were extremely lucky, and it made you lazy.

Look at this - in 1965, ridiculous lack of productivity from the dads. You people just had too much time on your hands. I think that idleness just gradually rotted away the brains of the generation until, as you say, people became incredibly susceptible to being told what to think.

So my theory is that when boomers entered the workforce, they had it very easy - men in particular contributed very little at home (in 1980, 40% of dads had never changed a diaper!) Over time, this caused their brains to become lazy, which is why their generation has become so easily malleable.

Why do you think boomers became the sorriest generation?

Boomers have done a lousy job raising their children…period. That has contributed greatly, IMO to the susceptibility of the following generations being so negatively influenced by outside sources.

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Those half of the Boomers that did a poor job raising their children also did a poor job raising their grandchildren.

The “OK Boomer” crowd was raised by those Boomers.



ps…I entered in 1981 when everything was in meltdown mode. If you wanted to borrow money for a car, you’d be looking at 18%. The only reason it was that low…was that the law didn’t allow banks to charge more. I’d say…your theory has holes in it.

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They listened to the lab coats about how to raise them.


I always figured the ■■■■■■ parents who screwed up their GenX kids and then their Millennial granddkids were the former hippies.

There’s no way that group ever recovered, mentally.

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They listened to the feminists, so mother left the raising of the children to day care and she got a job. When considering the cost of daycare and your income after taxes, it was a farce and the net result are that many of the children, are ill equipped to deal with the responsibilities of life. Now consider this problem exacerbating in next generations?


The plural of anecdote is not data.

…and facts can not be disputed.

Yeah, boomer dads were really lazy. Unbelievably lazy. The laziest group of generation/gender combination alive.

Thankfully the current generation of dads works just as hard outside of the home as boomer dads but doesn’t skimp on child care and housework like boomers did.

Boomer dads seemingly had an overabundance if leisure time which has led to malleable minds that are so susceptible to fake news.


There, there…ya feeeeeeel better or do ya need a hug? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Like my data/facts showing that older conservatives are 8 times more susceptible to believing fake news?

Totally agree. But keep arguing that the MSM, not regularly consumed by young people, is making them dumber.


I’ve poked many holes in your argument.

  1. Fact: Boomer conservatives are more susceptible to fakery than younger people.

  2. Fact: Boomer dads spent less work time (work+housework+child care) than today’s dads).

Now that you’ve been educated, I would like my hug. I have a terrible call coming up at 9 and this is a very helpful distraction :slight_smile:

Good thing we’re not listening to lab coats anymore, huh?

No, it was the government and that Spock guy and all the women running their cakeholes.

We ■■■■■■ up at least two generations of males by not raising them to be men. We knew what the right thing to do was and didn’t do it.

This is exactly what the response will be because we can’t run both experiments. We can’t run the universe where the lockdown happens and also where the lockdown doesn’t happen and compare.

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