The Carl thread

And why was this one removed?
I was in the middle of listening to it and poof…

The fox news guy one?

Lack of synopsis of the video posted.

I missed the thread. Maybe someone could repost with more of a synopsis next time.

So why not just message candy and tell him to add little more? People were talking ya know?


This happened to me once in 2016 when Trump was having daily rallies. GW warned me that I needed to have more of a synopsis, so I added content like what the weather was going to be, and who was supposed to be in attendance.

Don’t have time all the time to do that.

That was a decent thread and it gets removed? Mods, please consider how that brings down the quality of the forums. There were some good exchanges there on both sides.

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Didnt I mention what it was about? i posted. Carl Cameron explains why he left Fox. I thought that was pretty self explanatory…

Let’s try to remake the thread with more of a synopsis like Snow wants.

synopsis of what he says and that in the video so people can decide if they want to watch it.

You can thank people being “rickrolled” for that requirment.

Topic hit too close to home.

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Okie dokie…takes me ten seconds to warn someone that a post might a tos…but whatever

Wasnt sure if I could go there with that statement in my rebuttal…lol.

I started another thread with the appropriate synopsis. Looks like the story is more than a week old and got little attention but for the recent interview.

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So basically I have post everything he says in video along with the actual video? Kinda defeats the purpose of having video… But whatever…lol.