The caravan! The caravan!

Why is Trump flying off to Paris for a vacation while we have a 15,000 troop deployment to the impending war zone at the border?

Trump said it’s an “invasion”!!! Why isn’t he supporting the troops?!!

Putin called.


Trump has accused Broward county in FL of rigging the election,when in fact it looks like they are counting recently received absentee ballots from men and woman serving in the armed forces overseas. Trump despises the military and uses them only as a prop. He’s disgusting.


I wont apologize for wanting a sovereign nation go protect its borders. Even if they’re all innocent women and children like the libs claim that doesn’t mean we can afford to take them in. And we all know theres bad apples in the bunch. Kate steinle would still be alive today if libs cared a lick about border enforcement.

We can indeed afford to take them in which isn’t to say we should. They can apply for assylum just as the plan to do or they can cross illegally and be deported just like they have been. To label them invaders and take the stance of gunning them down on sight, well go ahead and do that and see what happens in 2020.

He’s leaving this one to the troops. He’s got to go fight his own war in the brothels of Paris…

How much have you donated to build the wall or how many hours have you spent protecting our border?

Get to work.

And his doggie came running.

New posts on this being deleted. Shhhh, let’s hope everyone forgets how we pulled this racist fiction to gin up support among the pants-wetting base. And how we are actively wasting millions of dollars on domestic troop deployment for political theatrical purposes.


And keeping thousands of mothers and fathers from seeing their family this thanksgiving.

Yeah I remember the gang of eight lol. What have the GOP done to help the immigration problem. It’s just red meat and you won’t hear about it till 2019 and get your panties in a wad all over again.

Any news on the caravan! invasion?


I had thought that the caravan was analogous to the ebola scare, which was also cured magically by an election.

Now, it seems clearer: the caravan was the HIILLARY’S EMAILS of this last election. I guess will just wait for My Beloved Liberal Media to acknowledge their role in abetting this farce and playing along like a bunch of tools.

You are going to have to try the Mexican press…

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Everyone needs to panic and soil their pants about the carvan! Diseases! Terrorists!




But why has Trump suddenly gone quiet? Why has conservative talk radio led by the likes of Hannity and Levin no longer talking about it.

If this invasion was a clear and present danger to the United States - What possibly could have changed over the past week to have negated the danger to the degree that it no longers needs to be discussed?

I’ve seen bigger invasions of birds freeing themselves from oppression.


It’s a total mystery what has changed. No one knows. Who can say? It’s best we forget it.