The Caravan Controversy persuaded me to vote DEMOCRAT tomorrow


Think breitbart on steroids.


Think non propaganda.


“It seems to me”



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First wave of them has hit the border. You’ve got a couch right? How about a spare bedroom? You better head down and welcome a few into your home since you are ready to help them in the search for a better life.

The first part of the thousands-strong caravan arrived at the U.S. border with Tijuana over the weekend, and made up an 80-person LGBTQ subsection of the group, according to NPR.

And they show once again they have no respect for laws, as they are not trying to LEGALLY enter the United states, but climbing over the wall and coming in illegally.

The San Diego Union-Tribune released video that showed the perspective of those climbing the fences from the Mexican side of the border.


What happened to all those fine people that just want a better life and are going to do this the legal way? I do believe we were assured they were going to follow the rules and apply for asylum, not act like a bunch of invaders.

My point is let them go through the process and then decide their fate.

I guess the OP really, really thought this time they were going to follow the rules.

Sounds like somebody listed to the wrong side on that one and got played.


I thought a wall would keep them out? If they are climbing over I guess then you will have to shoot them huh?


Well I heard that they said that a very credible human polled the nonexistent caravan of women & children and found that 74.7% of them are fans of Trump and plan to vote for him as soon as they arrive and get to Florida where sneaky Beetlejuice Brenda snipes is waiting patiently while the machines cool down.


Lots of never trumpets here in jersey.

House numbers in jersey are now 11-1 for the good guys AT (after trump).

BT it was get this 6-6.

So @peek-a-boo why is that?

Maybe the people of the United States are fed up with trump after seeing two years of his “leadership”



Lucy, I appreciate you as well. The world is a boring place if everybody agrees on everything. There should be disagreement. It’s part of what makes us great.


Always do. Pretty much everything coming out of the WH is fiction.


I didn’t post anything from the WH. I gave you someone who actually went down to the caravan and investigated it personally. If you choose to ignore it…as I said…you’re a part of the problem even though your intentions are good.


But that’s what Trump tried to get his devoted rubes to do on election day…vote on fear of the caravan.

And since the election, Trump and Fox have gone virtually silent on the caravan.

Yeah, there was an emotional argument being made, but it came from Trump and that argument has since ceased. Why do you suppose that is?


Cite the posts I’m supposed to see, please.

And Yahoo did a good piece on the drop off in coverage over all-as Trump stopped talking about, so did most of the media…Fox still covered it, but far less.

"From Oct. 30 to Nov. 5, the seven days immediately preceding election day, Grabien data found the word “caravan” was spoken 1,202 times on Fox News, 834 times on CNN and 586 times on MSNBC.

From Nov. 7 to to Nov. 13, the seven days immediately after the election, Fox News mentioned the word “caravan” 203 times, CNN 75 times and MSNBC 110 times.

Before the election, Fox News “caravan” mentions exceeded 100 every day. The network hit peak “caravan” on Halloween, when it aired the word 249 times, according to Grabien."

So I was mistaken when I included Fox as having gone “radio silent”-I should have been more clear to say their coverage has been reduced.

Hello, @Smyrna-if you’re going to accuse me of perpetuating a lie, then back it up. I shared my sources.


These Dems you keep demonizing have one thing that some so called “conservatives” have completely forgotten - principles. I may not agree with their principles, but I can respect the fact that they actually have them.


Muslims are much more ardent about their faith than most Christians, yet most on the left are very complimentary about Islam.


I’m pretty sure the left wouldn’t exist Islam taking over a political party either.


Endorsed disparaging poor people and people trying to seek a better life? You apparently have been listening to voices in your head and they have deceived you.



American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance the economic needs of millions of poverty stricken, poorly educated, low and unskilled aliens who have invaded America’s borders.


You previously mentioned your church. Does it endorse making stuff up and condemning by association, which is what you have done? Or does it preach “thou shalt not bear false witness”?



What laws have they broken?

This group applied for asylum in Mexico and were denied. This group of 80 people is not the boogeyman you are hoping for.