The Caravan Controversy persuaded me to vote DEMOCRAT tomorrow


Well said my friend.


That’s because while both sides spend more only dem’s raise taxes so they can PAY for the spending.


A wise man said:
“Remember, ya gets the goobermint ya votes fer”.


Seems both are for spending, agreed… just for different things, BUT only one is willing to actually pay for it with taxes.


Thanks for pointing out the difference between a Constitutional Conservative, and a religious or social conservative.

Well then,why not just demand for new legislation, or better yet, a Constitutional amendment. It can say that every poor foreign citizen, from ever third world nation on earth should be granted permanent US residency. Better yet, any foreign citizen who is just unhappy with the level of crime, or poverty, or political environment they currently live in, and provide them with permanent US residency? fling open the borders, and be done with it.


And only Republicans call for cutting federal spending, reducing federal agencies and failed programs, and pretty much anything that will lower the federal annual budget.

If you think about it, every time the federal government creates another entitlement program, constitutional conservatives loose. Since conservatives believe in federalism, and do not believe the federal government should be a nanny state. Most all of the hundreds of social welfare, subside programs, and federal grants are all the doing of socialists, liberal progressives and big government types, from both parties.


They can call for it all they want… they rarely cut anything


Calvin - good for you I did the exact same thing . this is inhumane and should be against the law. these poor people can do no harm to no one as a matter a fact many of them have been kidnapped by the cartel . they are just trying to get a better life for their families like most of who’s parents came here from different countries. Im pretty sure the people that are against them coming here are the same people that thier parents and grand parents came here doing the same thing . it’s heart breaking watching so many of them traveling thousands of miles on foot . I also agree very dissapointing watching our own people separating those innocent kids from thier parents many of them never to them again. heart wrenching ! also and lastly FIRING the ag to stop investigation of trump wow very un american and he should be ashamed of himself. watch your taxes go up - thanks


ooohh Baby your sooooo right thats why i’m for impeaching this guy !


Exactly J.

I love my tax cuts and credits, but when Americans are more divided than ever, when our own President uses poor people as red meat for racists and xenophobias, when your president seems to constantly push the boundaries as what is legal, you have to stand up and ask the other party to hold the corrupt accountable. The best thing for Trump is to show he doesn’t always win.


This is first time, I have ever been called a social con around here.

As for your second paragraph, you clearly miss my point about the caravan. It’s not that I want everybody to live in the United States. My point or implied point is that the GOP and the President called them “an invasion” and accused the asylum seekers as “MS13”, “murders”, “rapist”, and people bringing diseases. I mean, these are literally the garbage we hear from every xenophobia. My point is let them go through the process and then decide their fate. This isn’t the first or last caravan. It’s not the worst caravan we have seen.


Trump’s approval ratings have NEVER reached past 45%. They have always been in the high 30, low 40 range on average.

And Trump was doing such a great job, why is he constantly changing staff? Why he his party lose the house?


And why the need to lie about EVERYTHING?


To add to the Caravan Controversy. This is an INVASION. These people are marching up to the U.S. carrying and waving their countries flag while burning the American flag. If they hate their countries so bad, why are you carrying its flag. If you want come this country get a U.S. flag. Why isn’t that being reported. When you see thousands of people holding their countries flag marching toward our border, sorry that’s an INVASION. Just remember they burned our flag yet they want in.


If we’re being invaded and it’s so serious then why hasn’t Trump or his state media propaganda machine Fox News been covering the caravan with the same ferocity of the last few weeks prior to the election? They went on and on and on with the boogeyman stories about the caravan and as soon as the election was over it got dropped…just like concerns about debt and deficits got dropped, just like repealing and replacing the ACA got dropped, just like “the wall” got dropped…starting to see the pattern yet?


It’s an invasion funded by the Democrats biggest money man George Soros, to small to be a caravan plus Soros been funding this since May. 2018.


Calvin, we don’t agree on everything, but I always appreciate your thoughtful comments.


What is One News Now? I’m not sure I want to click on that link.


I’m thinking Soros needs to step up his funding. I read today that 900 were leaving Mexico City for the US border. Not a very impressive invasion.


It’s not fake news like cnn, msnpc.