The Caravan Controversy persuaded me to vote DEMOCRAT tomorrow


What? Use your words, please.


Earlier, you said they wanted their votes. Meaning they “cared”.


Wanting their votes doesn’t mean they care.


Just like Democrats and the black vote.


If you are voting democrat for the simple reason that you “loathe President Trump”. I reckon you were never really a conservative or a republican. You are a RINO. You are also many other things but I don’t want to hurt your feelings or calvin reagan’s feelings by telling you what you really are.





You should probably focus on the part of your thinking process that caused you type this in response to my post as a “problem area”.


Okay SteveBrad. I’m sure you know my ideological beliefs better than I. :rofl:


ms-13 was being deported before trump and the wall will not address people overstaying their visas which is a larger contributor.


Lol i hate to tell you that it aint dem foreigners that is causing the opioid epidemic. Its big pharma and doctors overprescribing it.


Yes it does


:rofl: you’re so silly.


What’s so silly?


Yeah, how dare we bring up facts.


If you vote like you post on this forum, you were never really a Conservative to begin with. I’m calling BS.


what do you think about our national debt?


I thonk the debt is out of control and the government needs to reduce spending. Next.


Trump and Republicans have exploded the deficit. Are you a fiscal conservative?


And so has Obama and the Democrats. The Democrats are for more spending, which increases the deficit. I think a more accurate statement would be, “politicians have exploded the deficit.” But you’re never going to admit to both sides raising the debt.


yeah, i figured that “fiscal conservatives” would pass the buck for the current situation (Trump exploding the deficit).