The Caravan Controversy persuaded me to vote DEMOCRAT tomorrow


Before there were papers, we were all without them, man.


There has always been one for legal immigrants.

And then there’s Reagan’s amnesty.


The requirement was, “did you survive the boat ride?” Obviously we can’t have that now and I’m not trying to turn this into an immigration thread, just putting in my agreement with the OP. I was raised Catholic, patriotic, and republican. That rearing caused for the first time in my life not to vote for a single republican. I was astonished to hear from my old man today that it he did the same back home.


Not true. Did you survive the boat ride and can you survive this.


Things used to be that way, but I think the GOP cemented the idea of resistance from the minority party. Go back and look at the meeting the GOP had on the day of Obama’s inauguration. It’s a good example of the party choosing party over country.


Who controled the house and the senate for most of Clinton and Obamas years? The this most people mistake is that the President does not pass spending bills he just signs them.


I’ve heard the argument made for DACA, but I thought most people preferred permanent legal resident. I think it’s in the Senate bill proposed by the gang of eight, but in each of those cases it would take well over a decade.

The idea that these politicians are getting votes from these people seems very far fetched.


Who has controlled Congress since Jan 2018? What has happened to the deficit during that time?


—Not addressing main points. 1 Drugs are going through the border of Mexico. The Democrats don’t have a plan to address that. Only dealing with it on the back end is not addressing the main issue. 90,000 people died because of opiods, 72,000 people dead 2017 (overestimated in previous post). Much of the drugs came across the border. Of course the drug problem has been bad since the 60s, but made worse by the opiods coming in through Mexico. It is apparent you want to mock it, and do want open borders. Let em all come in. That sex trafficking also.
-----MS13 people get deported Democrats in their sanctuary cities are against their deportations. People have been killed because of people who have committed crimes, go to sanctuary cities, and get shielded from deportation. And you know that, but want to belittle that fact. Which even if they are deported, they can come back because of no wall. Thanks Democrats.
----He’s done nothing worth impeachment and nothing will get accomplished because you know he can’t get impeached. And it is idiotic to spend all this time trying to impeach somebody when you know he can’t be impeached because they will never get 2/3rds of the Senate. You don’t like his policies and that is why you want him impeached? That is idiotic and you know it.
—You don’t give one whit about the debt and you know the reason why the debt is higher is because the Democrats got all the spending that they wanted. If they are in leadership position they will want even more. They got more what they wanted in spending that is why principled Republicans were against it. Trump was horrible in this area giving in to them.

The Senate Minority Leader continued, “At the end of the day, as the minority party, we feel good about being able to succeed in so many ways. We don’t have the House, we don’t have the Senate, we don’t have the presidency, but we produced a darn good bill for the priorities we have believed in.”

That priority was an escalated deficit. You know they wanted to add more to the debt under Obama, but were stopped, but Trump gave in just so he could get more military spending.


I’m sure you know that it takes 60 votes yes to get closure in the senate. And the rep only had somewhere around 53 members. So all Dems had to do is hold up closure until they got the spending they wanted. The Reps wanted their military spending increase so they let the Dems have what they wanted. After closure it only takes 50 votes to pass. Trump should have vetoed the bill. But if enough of the senate wanted their spending bad enough they could over ride his veto. So we could say the deficit is the fault of the dems and the reps.


That’s funny. GOP controls everything 2017-2018 and you DOUBLE the deficit to $1trillion while at full employment. Get out of here with your silly spin. Fact is Obama and Clinton cut their deficits hugely. But according to you I guess that makes cons responsible for the debt added under Obama too?


Isnt it hilarious that cons are trying to take credit of all the “deficit reduction” under Obama?


What do you think the Reps did when Obama was in office? How do you think we ended up with the sequestor?
By the way, it’s cloture. Not a big deal, I understood what you meant.


5 years from what I’ve heard.


It takes quite a few years and a lot of money.

It is much more cost effective to claim asylum.


You forgot to mention what the “in crowd” thinks.


You are getting back at those who raised you everytime you cast your ballot?


As I stated earlier, Dems believe in border security, they just don’t agree on how to secure the border.
The Dems don’t have a real way to deal with the opioid crisis. At least not that I’m aware of. The best plan to deal with this crisis that I know of, so far… Is the American Association of Justice, which is a major Dem contributor. They are holding the pharma companies responsible for a problem they helped create.

I’m in San Diego. We have a wall here. We have some gang violence here, but it’s pretty rare. I would think that they would at least stop in here after climbing that wall.

Most people don’t want him impeached. Personally, I want to see him voted out, not impeached.


You are saying that Trump didn’t care about the debt, as long as he got his military spending.


It’s not. You really think pols care about those people?


What spending cut did obama do?