The Caravan Controversy persuaded me to vote DEMOCRAT tomorrow


Seriously? Where in the hell so you live?


Vote for republicans because:

  1. You’ll never have a drug problem.
  2. MS-13 will never get to you.
  3. (something, something) Maxine Waters
  4. the democrats won’t be able to investigate trump the way the republicans investigated Clinton. We ain’t got time for no stinkin’ impeachment.
  5. democrats will cause the deficit to go up even more than the republicans did because (something)
  6. I want republicans, not democrats, because that’s what I want.


Too far away!



But that’s the whole overlooked purpose of sanctuatry cities. The false propaganda narrative is that it’s some super secret plot to have undocumented vote. What? How?

When in reality, and why so many of these “sanctuary cities” were up until recently found in the deep red south, was to protect people. Everyone seemed to understand that, until the meme’s and conspiracies became a certain voter’s chosen reality.


Austin is in my top five for cities I’d like to live in the U.S.


Bring money.


Crazy how wingnuts have turned the narrative of sanctuary cities to “open borders”


Enough wingnuts can turn an elephant it seems.


They can’t vote.


Get them in. Get them legal. Get them voting.

What do you mean “how”? How many times have you heard “pathway to citizenship”?


The person you were responding to can. and formerly for republicans.


Since the foundation of the country.


Simple. Obama and Clinton massively cut the deficits they I herited. Reagan, Bush 2 and Trump blew up the deficits. Facts. As a % of GDP Obama cut spending. Clinton left with a surplus :rofl:


Ok, that’s your choice and I support it 100%.


Sneaky, Hispanics vote, what, 40% GOP in Texas?

It would and could be so much more. Nationwide. It’s a natural constituency. Religious, traditional, family oriented, self sufficient independence.

I have no idea how tonight is going to go nationally. Either way, the long run says the GOP is staying out of the grave by only its claws the way it’s been relying on racist tropes by talking about ■■■■ hole countries and invaders


Democrats have everybody going lockstep. Not one Democrat voted for health care change. Not one voted for the tax plan. Democrat really voted for Kavanaugh (Manshon (spelling?) only voted after Collins said she was going to vote for him. Republicans are more likely to be independent, and don’t go along with their leadership. That is why they couldn’t pass health care plan. They have some stragglers but every single Democrat goes in lockstep with them. McCain campaigned for years and years for repeal, then because he hated Trump so much and never forgave him, (because of Trump belittling him, which no doubt was stupid), and Collins/Murkowski. My congresswoman who I thought I like, voted against the health care plan change and against the immigration plan change that got 196 votes. I’m pissed at the Republicans who deserted their promises. The Democrats go in lock step, Republicans don’t. There used to be a term boll weavel Democrats where they would cross party lines to vote for things Reagan liked. But these things Democrats are united, the Republicans jump ship. That is why they couldn’t accomplish more.


Not many times. How long does a pathway to citizenship take?


Did you forget Obama’s ACA vote or do you just think everyone else did?


Hang on. We’ve had foreigners in the country before?


LOL, come on man.

That depends on who is in power and which way the pobrecitos vote. I don’t remember many dems screaming for it when it was Asians.