The Caravan Controversy persuaded me to vote DEMOCRAT tomorrow


Shh, the back room is secret.


Any pizza that children like is bad pizza. That has nothing to do with you’re talking about, with the exception of the words “children” and “pizza.”


There’s always good pizza in the back room, a room that we should never talk about, but the pizza, to return to the point, is absolutely fantastic, with the exception of the ham and pineapple, which I never got used to–who puts fruit on a pizza?–I mean those pineapples are peppered, like, commas, in, a, really, really, bad sentence, so I stay away from that table and head instead for one of the combos, which doesn’t have traditional combo stuff–we’re talking spinach, feta, super spicy sausage, morel mushrooms . . . one slice and you’re a liberal.

But of course the back room doesn’t exist.


What about?..And?..Then there is…

Must Defend the Cult!


It’s not up to cities and their law enforcement to enforce federal law.


Sorry to inform you but the policies of McConnell and Ryan are nothing to be proud of. How often can McConnell lie to the American people before the Repugs listen to what he says?
We’re going to cover pre existing conditions?
The tax cuts will pay for themselves.
The tax cuts didn’t pay for themselves, but don’t worry, we will cut social security and medicare to cover the losses.
Logic and his experience should tell him that he can’t cut medicare and still cover pre existing conditions.
The most recent tax cut is a tax cut for the middle class. Turns out it benefitted business much more than the middle class, but don’t worry, we’re going to pass another tax cut, but this one will really be for the middle class.
I don’t even know where to start with what he did with the judicial system. I’m not just talking about Garland here. He intentionally withheld judicial appointments while Obama was in office. This wasn’t because he didn’t like the judges, because many of those same judges were appointed after Obama left office. He just didn’t want them to be named as judges appointed during Obama’s term. He intentionally created a judicial crisis in some states.

Are you really saying that McConnell and Ryan have addressed the issues, principles and ethics that you agree with?


Again…don’t need the Dems for that. Just do it.

I never heard a party with all branches of government under their control whine that it’s the other party’s fault so much.


I’m all for comprehensive immigration reform. Dust off the gang of eight bill and start there.
In the meantime these R congress critters should stop complaining about immigration and, at the very least, debate a bill.


It’s just their kneejerk response. Many of them stopped thinking long ago.


Well, you did this out of principle so I salute you.

The Democratic party could use someone like you, but I know you’re just visiting until your own side becomes sane again. But, that may take some time so settle in and teach us a few things. :sunglasses:

Funny enough, I vote for Republicans quite frequently. I voted for a few of them today because they’re good people and work hard for our community. But I really hope there is some sort of roadblock we can get in place for Trump, because the GOP has been feckless in trying to stop his ridiculous behaviors.

And don’t worry about some Conservatives giving you crap, if you haven’t noticed they probably already have been doing just that because you don’t have your head up Trump’s backside.


Now, I haven’t read other responses, so this may be repetitive, but I’ll give you some reasons why not to vote Democratic.

First on the immigration issue, one thing that is killing about 90,000 people a year and destroying many, many lives, is the drugs coming in from Mexico. Democrats are against securing the border. A Republican would be more likely to help to build a wall and get security. I had someone in a city where I work get killed by an MS 13 guy, Democrats are more likely to support not deporting those type of guys.

You said you were conservative economically. If you vote for a Democrat, you are going to get Maxine Freakin Waters as the head of the finance committee. You seriously want her leading anything?

I know you don’t like Trump but do you seriously want two years of people investigating Trump for absolutely everything. You want the person who you vote for to impeach Trump, when you know, he will not successfully be impeached. The Senate will not get 2/3rds of the vote necessary even if the Democrats won every single close Senate seat.

You said seriously that the Democrats will help on the debt. The reason why the debt is higher is because the Democrats wanted all those spending programs if Trump wanted the military increase. Schumer & such got everything they wanted, and now they complain about the debt. Trump went along, basically at the behest of the Democrats who didn’t want to touch any of the welfare state spending. Imagine if they are in control they’ll want more domestic spending. They’ll work to cut the military, which has been threatened.

Outlaw Abortion after 20 weeks passed in the House but lost in the Senate because of Collins, they passed a law born alive act which means a baby born alive is meant to be alive, and don’t kill the baby the Democrats and Collins in the Senate stopped from that passing. If they get enough in the Senate to pass it, those kind of laws will not be passed in the House.
Schumer & Pelosi you really want them running things?


The Republicans control every branch of federal government, yet somehow you placed the blame for everything at the feet of Schumer and Pelosi.



This isn’t true. Dems want a secure border. We just don’t agree that we have to build a wall to do so. A wall is part of the equation, but it is not the most important nor the most needed at this moment.

Do you know anything about Maxine Waters experience on the finance committee? If I were a Trump supporter, I’d be more worried about Adam Shiff.

The GOP has failed to provide any oversight. Most Dems aren’t in support of impeachment.

There is no denying that the tax cuts are a big contributor to our deficit.

They can’t be worse than McConnell and Ryan.


I’d say that Daryl and his other brother Daryl are gonna show up in huge pickups with shotguns.

It may be a good thing that our military is there.


We’ve already got some nutballs so stoked up over the caravan that they’re shooting at Americans who have nothing to do with it. If and when the actual caravan gets here, there’s a strong chance that some of these unhinged Trump supporters with gullibility nesting in their DNA are going to start blasting.

But it’s quite likely, of course, that tomorrow the caravan will no longer be in the news–at least not nearly as much as Fox News has been sandblasting its viewers’ brains with it.


The fact you typed that to me just shows how well the propaganda works.

You know it’s not like that, yet the meme penetrates.

Imo the whole caravan narrative is Steve Bannon projecting and living out his “The Camp of the Saint’s” fantasies.


This. I agree we probably won’t hear as much about it after today.


I don’t think this is how you hold open the big tent of the grand ol’ party.


You’re probably right. I have purposely avoided reading or watching any news about the caravan. I just won’t do it. I’ll click to a new website, mute the TV, or change the channel. So, virtually everything that I know about the caravan is–probably, I’m speaking from ignorance–twice-filtered nonsense that has been posted in this forum.

In a way, it is as if I am a child listening to a Trump supporting parent after he’s watched three hours of Fox News.

The only other influence outside this forum has been the headlines themselves. I do go to Fox News to see how often and how many caravan headlines there are.


My sanctuary city enforces it’s laws just fine. Better than most in fact.

What sold me on the idea of not “rounding up” every undocumented every time they deal with the government was my undocumented neighbor being nearly being murdered by a citizen. The only thing that saved her life, and probably her little nino’s lives was that the boys knew they could trust the police. When the sob started cutting her a part, they dove out their upstairs bedroom windows and ran to the neighbors screaming call 911.