The Caravan Controversy persuaded me to vote DEMOCRAT tomorrow


So nothing. Just hot air. As expected.


Is all you have Pee-wee Herman retorts?

I was trying to have a legitimate discussion, backed by actual and direct sources, but all you seem to be able to do is avoid discussing the topic.

What gives? It you believe I’m perpetuating a lie, it would be easy to prove-just point to the source.

I backed my claim. Why won’t you back yours?


I went back a few posts and see nothing that refutes that Trump has gone virtually radio silent on the caravan. I admitted that Fox going radio silent was a step too far, but I also provided evidence that their coverage of the caravan is drastically reduced since before the midterms.

My assertion was that the caravan was being used to drum up FEAR-an emotion-to drive voters. And now that the election is over, Trump and Fox have largely backed off from doing so. I scrolled up “a few” posts and nothing contradicts that.


So anyone who demonizes Trump has principles? That’s your definition of a principled person? Hatred of Trump? :roll_eyes:


I certainly won’t broad brush and say ANYONE who criticizes Trump has principles. But many of the ones who I see on this board posting day after day certainly have principles.

And, as I said - I may not necessarily agree with their principles - but I do respect them for having them.


@wonderingrover never said any such thing. How you reached that conclusion from his post is beyond me.

However, anyone who does have principles and morals DO oppose Trump as he is the antithesis to both. One cannot have a guiding moral compass and simultaneously support someone so devoid of morals and who embodies the Seven Deadly Sins.

Thankfully these midterms proved that the overwhelming majority of Americans firmly reject Trump, his immorality, and his lack of principles. America spoke loudly and clearly, and they say NO to Trump and his style of politics. It gives me hope for our nation’s soul, seeing his supporters shrinking to this minority.


This election gives me hope that the nation is starting to wake up to the ugliness that is Trumpism. I have to admit, I was saddened to see the depths to which the nation had sunk morally after the 2016 election. Hopefully now we have turned a corner and the trend back upwards will continue in 2020.


Absolutely. Hope springs eternal. It will still take time to rid the nation of the stain that Trump and his supporters wrought on this nation. But they continue to be an ever-shrinking sub-class of the American public.

Their lack of morality also made me weep for where we fell. And I still am saddened there remains so many Americans oblivious to the horrendous politics that he brings to the nation. And we have not seen the bottom yet from him or the sycophants that will never abandon him. They will claw and fight the death spiral they have found themselves in. They will not metaphorically die a good death. It will be harsh and ugly. But it’s what they deserve.



The sickness lies in those who allow themselves to be led by a man who is the living embodiment of the Seven Deadly Sins. Those who would support a man like this are fortunately the shrinking minority though.

America spoke peek, and they resoundingly reject Trump and everything he is. I can understand why you would lash out and flail about here like you are.


This is the conclusion one might reach if one is looking at Trump as some sort of caricature of everything that is America. Most of us recognize Trump for what he is - one president. A different president to be sure - an aberration of sorts. He will have one or two terms in office, then will move on.

America is bigger than Trump. And many of us are looking at a much much bigger picture - one that entails the history of America - past, present and future. Trump is but one small piece of that equation. And, I look forward to the day when we can start recovering from this particular time period in our history.



The situation? Well…it’s deplorable…


Yep - in similar economic times, one would expect the president’s party to fair much better than the Republicans did in 2018. In a nutshell, it ain’t the economy :smile:


The caravan is back (in Trump’s head)! And he admits to wasting money on sending the military down there.


Guess what not one piece of Trump inspired legislation will pass in the next two years. Go ahead and hang your hand on whether it passed with 1 or more votes than needed. Have fun with that.


What’s going to be the reaction when they are denied asylum?


I would presume disappointment, as people and families are informed once the review is complete.

Or is this part of the fictional “invasion” narrative where now you imagine they are all grouped and told by some dude with a megaphone, and riots ensue? You guys are comedy.


No, the democrats’ reaction.


The same as the last time, and time before that?


So more DACA?