The Caravan Controversy persuaded me to vote DEMOCRAT tomorrow


Let me say, I generally vote Republican, based on their views on economics, abortion, drugs, and so forth. But this election I am going to do something foreign to me, voting for mostly Democrats. Why you ask? The answer: Donald J. Trump.

The Caravan controversy tipped the scale for me. I am no way going to support a party which has endorsed disparaging poor people and people trying to seek a better life. That’s not how I was brought up or what my church taught me.

I am also going to vote Democrat because the Republicans refuse to hold Trump accountable for anything. Trump constantly lies, and the Republicans scream “fake news”. Separating children from their parents at the border - bad. Making questionable campaign contributions - bad. Firing your CIA director because he wants to investigate Russian collusion with Trump’s staff - bad. The tweeting - bad. Suggesting that NFL players should be fired or fined for exercising their freedom of speech - bad. This is not how a President should behave, and it’s not acceptable.

Will the Dems crash the economy, if they control the house or senate? No. At least they’ll attempt to balance the budget and fix the ACA. The GOP is simply going to cut taxes and then spend more money, That’s not how it works: You want the government to more, expect more taxes. You want the government to do less, lower taxes.


I have always felt that these rallies were a mistake, but I guess we’ll find out tommorrow.


Well, I guess you’ll have to surrender your Con Card at the door because in the eyes of the faithful on this site you’re nothing more than a Filthy Lib now. Sorry.


That’s fine with me Candyman. I would rather be a filthy liberal than an ignorant con, who sells their soul to one of our worst Presidents of all-time.


You’re a long time respected conservative poster around here and I’m glad you’re choosing country over party. :us:


Just a comment, how do you square voting for Democrats over Republicans when you speak of spending? From 2007-2011, the budget went from $2.7 Trillion to $3.6 Trillion. That’s a $900 Billion increase in 4 years. From 2011 to present, it’s gone from $3.6 Trillion to $4 Trillion. That’s $400 Billion. Seems to me if you genuinely cared about spending, you would vote Republican rather than Democrat but hey, that’s just me and the facts talking.

Personally, the disgraceful party today is the party that has been preaching getting in people’s faces and telling them they’re not welcome. The party that makes baseless accusations of racism and the party that makes pathetic accusations we now know were politically motivated in order to stop a SC justice from getting confirmed. The party that is trying to welcome thousands of illegals rather than support legal immigration is the party that deserves to be thrown out. Laws mean something.

Sorry but I think you’re buying into the hype rather than looking at reality. Guess false advertising works on occasion.


After you get done voting, you should go meet the caravan and spend a night or two. Get a look for yourself.


Even if it’s the country of Mexico.


Hopefully tomorrow is a very bad day for the CEC addled Trumpists. They need a wake up call.


Which is not where the caravan is even from, but don’t let facts get in the way ot your petty response…


Yes, Trump has played this caravan thing to the hilt for political purposes…and for him that’s a long way. However, campare that to the reality of sanctuary cities that don’t want our laws enforced and those in the Democratic party who want our borders open and ICE eradicated.
If you are for open borders and no enforcement of our laws, then you are making the right decision.
If you are making your decision based on show over substance, then not so much.


Illegal crossings have surged as of late, and the caravan has swelled from ~4,000 to some estimates of 14,000. You don’t suppose some of those joining are from Mexico? Not to mention, if they do get into America, it’s no longer Mexico’s problem. Vivé la mehico!!


Citation please?


Both sides want the government to do more. Are both sides honest about what it will cost and how to pay for it?


This is weird. We were told illegal crossings were down last year because those who would come illegally were now afraid of Trump and what he would do. His mere presence as president was a deterrent. And that he was sending ICE after all those already here illegally. And that he was ending DACA. All that was supposed to be why people stopped coming-because Trump strong, Obama weak. Well, in the immortal words of Dr. Phil, how’s that working for ya?


You told them dems would win the house.


Wait, I told who what?


I feel like there might have been some monumental economic event that had an effect on government spending between 2007 and 2011. Can’t put my finger on it. Maybe you remember?

Yeah, the Great Recession, which like any recession automatically increases non discretionary spending on social support programs.


It doesn’t take much for that to happen, either. I was called a Democrat a couple days ago and I haven’t voted for a Democrat ever. Just a criticism of the Cheeto Jesus is all it takes to be viewed as a lib.


You guys never cease to be disingenuous, do you?