The bubble that can't burst

more then half of the Canadian GDP growth is tied up to real estate sales, housing prices in Canada are rising and wage growth is not keeping up meaning less working Canadian are going to be-able to buy property.

so why does it keep going up? mostly Foreign buyers (Mainly China) see Canada as an investment driving the average home cost up too 480,743 more then double that of America.

China is the global threat and now they not only control the manufacturing but are rich buying up property everywhere it’s like that here in Seattle as well.

The problem for Canada is they have no other part of the economy that produces much wealth. Canada’s job report shows them losing jobs, while the US under better free market policy had more jobs than expected. Even while Trump was putting tariffs on China. Trump’s policy gives him leverage over them.

Remember how the “trade war” was going to kill the economy?

Wow, Huffopo attacking Globalism … Meaning they agree with Trump!

Odd, How Canada’s shrinking economy didn’t make the news during the re-election of the black faced kid!

And it’s freezing up there while they scourge their economy over “global warming”…

The bailout of farmers for the trade war is double that of the auto company bailout ten years ago.

How did we feel about auto bailouts?

Canada wants to be China’s puppet like Australia. If they had relevant leaders on the world stage, they wouldn’t be such dependents like that. :man_shrugging:

The economy was the number one issue for the last election.

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