The Briliance of Beto

In an act of unbridled stupidity Beto goes to Kent state and delivers a speech basically telling us that only the gov’t can be trusted with guns.

My first thought when I saw this story was that it had to be something from the onion or a parody but it’s not.

I guess when you are absolutely desperate for attention and your campaign is in tatters this qualifies as some sort of “Hail Mary”.

Maybe he should go back making videos of picking his nose and flossing his teeth.


Beto is good at only one thing … waving his arms.

2 actually. That and making a complete fool of himself.

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He’s too young to remember first hand what took place and how he just bit himself, in his own ass.

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He needs to self deport, we don’t need Commies like Beto running!


His theme song is 'I’ll Flap Away".

So he would say that cops can be trusted with guns? What about all the black men that they are shooting up?

Beto is a fool trying to find traction for his dismal campaign.

I tried to tell them he’s a hologram.

To where “Land of the Lost”?

Google, “Kent State Massacre”.

I guess few people under 50 know much about it.


He’d probably be happier in Cuba and speaks the language.

So true.

Beto exemplifies those whose life is nothing but a drama inspired mirage and he’ll earn their vote.

I wonder how his donors are going to feel when they finally realize they are simply funding one year long party for Beto for the purpose of hopefully getting a cabinet position or ambassadorship?

Can a fool…feel foolish and if so…how is that differentiated from their normal feelings?

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Well, sort of.

Fair point. He speaks just enough of it to fool democrats.

Robert Francis is back…