The Boys - Superheroes In The Real World

Read the comics years ago and this is a fantastic adaptation of the story of Superheroes in the real world controlled by corporate greed and bloated on their own self importance and out of control egos.

Thankfully its an Amazon Prime production so none of the normal network and cable restrictions apply.

Garth Ennis who wrote The Boys takes the deconstruction of the superhero mythos started by Alan Moore to its natural next stage. The supes do heroic acts but are anything but heroes. Arrogant, egotistical, amoral and perverted are among their better qualities. They are corporate brands that headline a multi billion dollar industry and that industry will protect their product at any cost.

Story revolves around Hughie Campbell who discovers the true nature of the supes and becomes involved with a group that is trying to fight back. There is a lot more depth to the story so just go and binge watch it now.

For those of you familiar with the source material there is a brilliant cameo in the first episode.

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Love The Boys.

Can’t wait to see if the adaptation lives up to it.

Started it tonight, on episode four or so, worthwhile so far.

It’s kind of gory.

I enjoyed it. I hope they do more seasons.

Season 2 is already in production.

It is an excellent adaptation.

It differs in places from the comic but thats to be expected, comics are a different medium and have no budgetary restrictions. But I dont have to tell you that :grinning:

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I haven’t watched it yet… but I would love to see “The Love Sausage” as a real life character.

It would be hilarious.

Bring back Patriot!

I dislike it when i end up liking something and the publisher behind it doesn’t seem to care about the shows. We did get two good seasons…and i will have to subscribe once to Epix for that director’s next project Perpetual Grace that looks fantastic too. But who wants to sub to Epix? Why do all these services exist…

I’m almost done with The Boys, last episode, pretty good but my main complaint is that the scope is super small and it feels like it doesn’t exactly go far but the plot points are recycled each episode.

This was so good I stopped binge watching orange is the new black to binge watch it.