The border wall solution Trump hasn't thought of

I find this to be a great solution to this supposed emergency. Let’s put it to the people, and if they want to sacrifice their own money for this silly idea, then let them. Let’s put it on the table once and for all. Are there enough Americans willing to pony up out of their own pockets to build the Great Wall of Mexico? If so, let it be and make it happen. And this way they can stop trying to steal everyone else’s tax dollars for something that the vast majority of America does not want or believe in.

Anyone else think this is the right approach? Trump supporters, what do you think?

I’m all for it.

A scam artist did raise $20 M in a few weeks.

So at that rate they’ll have the entire $25 B raised in about 35 years.

Of course, there’ll be cost overruns and maintenance costs too…but since this would have the official Trump moniker…maybe he could get the money in…say…20 years?

Bonds are a loan instrument which pays interest. They raise money in the short term, but that money is then paid back by the government with interest.

So if bonds are used, those lending the money make a profit and it’s still paid for by taxpayers in general.

Now, instead of using bonds, the government could sell “Border Security Shares” with are a payment to the Treasury earmarked and walled-off only to be used to improve border security. No interest, no payback - that would be an option. Kind of like when the new library was being built, you could make a donation which bought you a brick which was personalized with your/family name. People could have their name importalized in the wall just like Trump.



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This is even more awesome.

I’m imagining some of the personalized messages that would be on the wall…

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I like this idea even more! Great solution!!

That’s another good idea… if this shutdown was actually about a wall.

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Hey, anything other than stealing taxpayer dollars for something that will do nothing to actually address the issue.

Your OP is an idea I’m sure no one in government thought of. I don’t know if you posted that tongue-in-cheek, but there are many folks who would support this idea. Its the laziest and simplest idea for government. Why balance the books? Just add on more debt.

It was a little tongue-in-cheek and a little solution-provoking, to get us beyond the current absurdities of using American taxpayer dollars for a solution that solves nothing, when we were promised Mexico would pay, or a declaration of a National Emergency, when there is no emergency and would set a horrible precedent going forward.

And it led to a genuinely great idea by @WorldWatcher which I could fully support.

I would quote you but the system removed me previously quoting you. Strange.

@WorldWatcher 's idea does sound great, but I cringe at what some folks who are against the wall but would fork out the money to post their thoughts on a brick.

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