The border wall is a small part of a much larger problem

The border wall is simply a tool to help border patrol keep people from entering the country illegally. Something needs to be done to deter illegal border crossings and the wall seems to be the best solution available at the moment. The wall will not completely stop illegal immigration, sex/ drug trafficking etc. however it will help, how effective it will be is yet to be seen. Funding is not the issue, 5 billion is not a lot when you think about one aircraft carrier cost 10-15 billion and cost over a million dollars a day to operate. Why is the country so divided on the wall?

Democrats believe the immigration laws are not fair and are choosing not follow them. Dems are trying to foil the government from enforcing them by any means possible. Withholding funding for the wall is just one of many attempts to bypass immigration laws. Sanctuary cities, hindering ICE agents, turning a blind eye to illegal workers, offering welfare and other incentives to illegals fall into the same category as the wall.

For any person or group to pick and choose which laws to abide by is very dangerous for society. For the democrats to use dirty politics to skate around laws is unacceptable and must be stopped. Everyone has different views and opinions and regardless of which side of the immigration issue your on, choosing not to follow the laws is not an option. We all have rules we don’t agree with, however we suck it up and follow them knowing that it is best for the future of our country. Not saying all laws are fair, and if changes are needed it should be done the constitutional way.

Normally this place is a lot more hoping during the daytime.

Sactuary cities simply prove that the Democrats don’t care about protecting the border at all.

Any time the Republicans have ever had a chance at possibly building the whole wall,
the Republican Politicians sell out once again.

For over 40 years the Democrats have always been able to make deals with the Republicans so they didn’t put a wall there. Well, Republicans, it’s now or it aint never ganna happen.
President Trump, and Republicans, will you hold your ground, and stand firm, or cave like so many before you have?

States do not enforce federal laws.

That’s a hard concept for republicans to grasp.


Dem’s are counting on their votes legal or otherwise as well as the votes of their children so they are happy to have the country flooded by illegals to the point the system is overwhelmed and collapses.

Hell, they don’t even want them detained pending deportation and asylum hearings because they know over 90% will disappear into the country rather than show up.

As soon as companies stop encouraging illegal immigrants to work in their factories, fields, golf courses, hotels, etc., the problem won’t stop.

Look at Trump as an example. Guy says he hates illegal immigration but employs illegal immigrants. There’s your problem.


Dems are counting on their votes almost as much as Donny is counting on their labor at his businesses.

Both sides of the aisle are guilty of this prior to the election of Trump and I don’t believe establishment Rs for a second…hence…BUILD THE WALL.

If both sides were not guilty, employers would be prosecuted for the hiring of illegals as was promised in 1986?

Depending on the year, 60-75% of asylum seekers do show up for their regular court hearings.

So… that 90% idea of yours is way off.

And 10% are granted asylum.


I did the math of the other day and the people that are granted asylum equal about the size of a football stadium each year.

Does that number reflect the way it’s reported in Republican media?

This needs to be bumped repeatedly.

In the end politics is all about power not about what is best for the country, which is why we are in the situation we are in today. And the fact is that if you are part of the ruling class it doesn’t matter what happens to the rest of the country, which is why even in these ■■■■■■■■■ countries those in power live very well, and in many cases even better than some of the wealthy here.

If this were true, you’d also say that the cons count on votes from a certain group that shall not be named.