The border crashing mob. Which party will it help?

If they can’t take responsibility for themselves after all these decades, we aren’t responsible to take them on here. If we’re their problem, let them go to their socialist paradise they supposedly wanted in the 80’s, Venezuela. That would make more sense than to come here, the bad guys who helped stopped them from having a similar paradise.

I am not scared of the Cleveland Browns, I am however freaking out atm on this brown stain on my shirt I just noticed from a coffee spill which I assume I did earlier as it was laying on the bed. I cannot get this stain out and I need to wear it for work tomorrow. Ugh midnight here in Seattle to late to wash a new load of clothes, sad times. :disappointed_relieved:

I like a lot of the war documentaries on Vice, and give them kudos for going into some of the most dangerous areas on earth, but I would take everything political they say with a grain of salt. They are the lefts version of what has become of Breitbart News after Andrew Breitbart passed. It’s hard to find a piece on their site when it deals with the U.S. that they are not blaming our policies.

As I suspected, the two people who responded didn’t actually read the article.

The 70s/80s in Central America weren’t a communist/socialist thing.

That was the excuse to defend our business interests there.

Actually Vice is the closest thing we have to the BBC…a news org that actually does the news.

The US’ history in Central America is absolutely nothing to be proud of.

Only two or three of them would take us up on it…………

No……….they take you kids away from you and lock them up.

That’s the ticket, nuke them for their own good. If we kill off half their populations and radiate most of the land they won’t want to leave at all. And it we tell them it was for their won good well, they’ll be so appreciative! And our allies around the world will be sending us flowers and thank you notes!

I particularly like the last two paragraphs from that article;

In 1954, the CIA helped organize a military coup to overthrow Guatemala’s democratically elected government, and continued to train the Guatemalan military well into the 70s.

“The war in Guatemala was really a genocide,” Oglesby said, adding that an estimated 200,000 were killed in the subsequent 36-year-long civil war, which stretched from 1960 to 1996. “The history is important because it went so far beyond anti-communism—the purpose was to destroy people’s vision of the future. It had a terrible impact on the country, hundreds of thousands of people were displaced.”

This is a great vid of Tucker Carlson asking Jorge Ramos how many refugees will he take into his compound in Florida… That’s at about 11:45.

Before that he asks them the responsibility of Mexico in taking care of these people.

And about the blue eyed ruling Class that just letting them suffer as they walk through Mexico.

You are correct. But it is the platform of many individual democrats. Most democrats running big cities have pretty much declared ICE to be an enemy of the people.

Well duh. According to libs, all of my threads are troll threads. Get in line and take a number.

Here is just one video of it being chanted INSIDE the USA

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How many are you personally taking in? Deflect (real answer none)
How much money have you donated? Deflect (real answer none)

I wonder why Hollywood refuses to help out? They hoard those giant multiroom mansions all to themselves. They could probably house twenty invaders in each estate, no problem. Also, if they pooled their billions, they could create an entire sanctuary for tens of thousands of needy third world folks.

Why would they do that? They have servant entrances so they don’t have to see the lesser people. Now you want them using the showers, sleeping in the beds and swimming in the pools?

Whaat? Are you saying that Bobby De Niro doesn’t want to share his breakfast with poor third world types? He has more money than any human being should be allowed to have. What kind of monster is he!!? I’ll never watch Casino or Goodfellas again! :persevere:

He’s got his. He earned it. :wink:

It is everyone else’s problem. Well, except for those of us who don’t want to make it our problem. Of course that make us heartless than the limousine liberals… :rofl:

I found the hannity time machine down in the basement next to Kuerig machines:

Yes, those are in order, and yes they are from last spring. Hilarious.

Let Papi Shep calm your nerves:

Let this one calm your nerves.