The Blue wave poll of battleground house districts: oh let it be true 10-10-2018


That .16 does not equal 0. Once you understand that concept, we can go to the next step.


Because she was the dems nominee for president, she’s the leader of the Democratic Party. what she says matters.

But since she said something she shouldn’t have, she was no longer the democrat’s choice for president?


She’s a private citizen, no one gives a rat’s ass what she has to say. Well, except for every single trump snowflake supporter.


Then they are two years, too late.

So who’s leading the democrats now?


So Romney with the GOP leader in 2014 and not a private citizen with no power?


For the party he was.

How can the very person who was the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party become a witless nobody just two years later?

It just shows how vacuous and empty the Democratic Party has become. so who leads the Party now? Schumer? Pelosi?


Legislation of that sort was already effectively blocked due to not having a super majority in the Senate. Like I said, enjoy your congressional show trials.


I would say those 2 over Clinton for sure.


Was Romney the GOP leader after 2012?


And no matter what you and the rest of the boards liberals say, she is still the front runner in polling for the 2020 Democratic nominee.


They voted for her to be their leader…until a time where they vote for another leader she remains their leader.

Trying to erase their memory of her isn’t going to fly.


Oh and I’m still waiting on what libs will do to improve the lives of American people if they gain control congress.

All I’m seeing they care more about vendetta then helping the people they claim to care about.


Um, no.


I really do wonder what Biden will do in 2020. Such a missed opportunity.


Oops sorry, should have said a front runner instead of the front runner. Of course Biden will be 77 in 2020.


CNN cares, thats where she took the opportunity to refute civility.
CNN is hardly a pro Trump media site.


18% isn’t much, considering the name recognition. And while I doubt Biden runs or gets the nomination if he does, Trump will be 74.


I pray we can do better than those 2. I don’t mind Biden, but we need some fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Biden would not cut it.

I don’t even consider Hilary as viable…


So far you guys are stuck with leftovers. Booker made a debut in Iowa.


Damn right…get ready for the camps! They are coming…