The Blue wave poll of battleground house districts: oh let it be true 10-10-2018


Nope, you were talking about Congress being used for political purposes.

An investigation. Sure.

SEVEN investigations to string it out as long as possible? Nope, that was the GOP using Congressional investigations for a political hit job.’

And I’m not a DEM, but I least I’m honest about what the Bengazi investigations were clearly about.



Then maybe Obama should of had his CoJ do the investigation. :wink:


The Democrats are comfortably ahead in the polls from California’s 49th Congressional district and Arizona’s 2nd Congressional district, which is good news.


It’s not the teary eyed theatrics that makes the victim. It’s the false show of empathy, self righteous indignation, facade of moral superiority and demand for some abstract sense of justice the left acts out that makes for a victim.

Although, the tears don’t hurt the show.


With Trump as President, its not a facade.



There were zero new findings that had any effect on embassy security after the initial ARB.

The right people did the investigation and they did a good job.


Sounds like the gop…good for you for discovering what they do


You brought up Congressional investigations for political purposes.

Dodge is noted.



So repugs shouldn’t have investigated Americans/ambassador deaths in Libya.

Is that what you’re saying?


Not nine times.


There was a point in time I would have agreed with that, but damn if you all didn’t figure out a way to stoop even lower.



And? No one listens to this woman anymore, no one cares other than trump supporters.


Right. But either you support 7 investigations (or was it 8?) or you don’t support any investigations. Because maybe conservatives have forgotten that there are numbers between zero and 7. Or more likely they don’t want to admit that they are what they accuse others of doing (on occasion).


538 is one polling organization and they missed key states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Of course they will defend themselves it’s how they make their living.

They can defend themselves (I would to) but their projection in key states were way off the mark not even close.


Have you ever studied statistics or probabilities?


Kinda I have a masters in computer engineering, what am I missing? it would seem Hillaries campaign didn’t study them to well since the polls didn’t have Wisconsin in play she didn’t even campaign there.


Did you know that CNN is a dedicated member of the resistance? They are nothing close to an objective source.



That poll show Trump had 16.5% chance to win, and he won how does that result in false poll data?