The Blue wave poll of battleground house districts: oh let it be true 10-10-2018


Yeah that’s exactly right. That is spot on


shes enough of a villain to be shown every night on Television in Jersey. (a pelosi liberal ooooo ah scary nancy taking over the speakership once again)

she is the republicans boogeyman, everyone knows it.



Which polls were false?


I would show you 538 once again.
Just google 538 2016 senate prediction and you will see how false your narrative is.



Uh huh…I know what you were responding too…


The ones thats said Hillary would win the popular vote by 2%.

Oh wait she did. sorry…



Impeach Kavanaugh. Put the guy on trial for removal.



The Ken Starr investigations were run by a DEM congress.

Bengaizi investigations were run by a Dem Congress.



Mueller investigation is run by repug congress/senate.

And your point is?

When was the last time dem congress investigated a dem presidency?


No. He was confirmed by a majority vote in the Senate. That’s should be the end of it.

Move on.



Yeah… I agree.

There is no need to deligitimize the court even more than it already has been.


Your point was political use of a Congressional investigations for politics.

Not counting Mueller, that would have been a Republican Congress and Bengazi to torpedo a Clinton run. Even then it almost didn’t work since about 77,000 votes gave him a win even though he got less votes then Clinton.



A Republican Congress has zero interest in investigating Trump. Mueller is being run out of the DoJ under the direction of Rosenstein. The last time I checked Congressional Republicans could be seen calling for his impeachment. Some of the more extreme supporters want him in jail.


So you’re saying the deaths of Americans/ambassador in Libya shouldn’t have been investigated?


I don’t think you know what odd mean.


When was last time Democrat controlled CoJ investigated their leader?


once or twelve times?


“What goes around comes around”

  • Brett Kavenaugh


Nope he needs to be impeached.

I guess we shall see.



endlessly? No.