The Blue wave poll of battleground house districts: oh let it be true 10-10-2018


Didnt work. gotta get down in the mud and fight it out with the Trump supporters.

its like fighting with the marquis of Queensbury rules when your opponent is using MMA rules.



the dems need to fight to win. since the GOP likes to fight dirty it means teh dems have to match them blow by blow.


Absolutley. Its been day after day Keystone Presidency. One cluster ■■■■ after another. This week has been rather quiet for once. Except for Haley.


No accountability. Say whatever and take money from Vlad


No, being defeated isn’t punishment.

The Left being defeated is saving the rest of us from the Left.


exactly. Trump brought us down to this level.

Now is the time to fight back in the voting booths across the country.

we aint gonna take it anymore. (with a shoutout to twisted sister)



Who gives a ■■■■ what she says? She is not the leader of the Democratic party, no matter what the CEC tries to tell you.

None of those people are running for office.
And I won’t quote your idol, Donald Trump, telling people to beat other up.

Rather have Democrats in control than a mealy moused Ted Cruz, who him and his family was insulted continuously by your Glorious Leader, and now is grovelling for Trump to campaign with him. What a spineless loser Cruz is.


Darth Vader (nancy Pelosi) coming back to haunt all of your dreams.



Why isn’t Hillary locked up?? With Trump and the Republicans having been running the DoJ for over 20 months, Hillary is still out there free giving her opinions.


Reread whatbinsaid… maybe then you will grasp it


Yeah and you have that corrupt former AG Holder telling em when they go low kick em.

And audience cheered.


Agreeing to go where the DNC already is isn’t bringing us down.


She’s not even cool enough to be Jar Jar Binks.


…said by a lib after making false accusations against a man.


Irony alert.

Trump taught repugs how to get into the dirt and beat em at their own game.

And for that libs are pissed off.


That a poster has repeated the same thing four or five times. I’d consider that trolling, but I’m just a poster.


show me proof they are false.

They are not proven not false.



I will say this if the polls are wrong again like the 2016 predictions on the senate and presidency they will have a hard time coming back to any legitimacy.


You can vist their website to find a long list of ideas


I was responding to the OP.

That’s the context.

Defeating the Left, a rerun of all the weeping Leftist videos we saw back after '16 … that would be good for the future of the nation.