The Blue wave poll of battleground house districts: oh let it be true 10-10-2018


Now you see it…


I’d rather see a bunch of Leftist reduced to weepy despair. They deserve it.


They always tend to forget that when hoisting oneself upon the cross to nail themselves to it, that last nail can be a real bitch.


How did the Bengazi hearings help ordinary Americans Lives. LOL.

you talk out of both sides of your mouth.



and there is nothing that says accountability like a congressional hearing.



So let’s see if I’m following here…

You want them to weep…which in turn according to @tguns they will be victims and thus according to @conan will use government to punish people…

Which will somehow be the dems fault that you made them weep…

Makes sense


That’s exactly right. Obviously she is giving her marching orders to somebody. The fake news feels she is worthy enough to interview and she feels her orders to be uncivil until they win is a call out to democrats.


That seems to be your answer to everything. It’s got nothing to do with how we should “get over it” .

She actually said in an interview there will be no civility until her party takes back power


That’s your answer? Seriously?


Here we have a Supreme Court Nominee (now Justice) calling out the Clintons by name and you want civility.


Thats like closing the barn door after the cows escaped.

Civility is a two way street.

Cant have a president Tweeting uncivilly and expect civility in return.



and right she was…just say no to civility. it hasnt worked since Trump took office.



She’s not the leader. Thats like calling John Kerry the leader after his loss in 2004.

But she is correct.



Republicans shot in a baseball field.

Republicans getting death threats.

Wife of Republican receives text message with a video of a beheading.

Susan Collins and her staff receive threats. Collins has to increase security.

Cory Booker says to “get in their faces”

Hillary says there will be no civility until Dems take back power.

Rs are harassed, intidimdated and screamed at.

Rs are chased out of restaurants by unhinged mobs.

Rand Paul attacked in his own back yard and seriously injured.

I won’t take any lectures from the left about civility thank you.


Well this is certainly bias.


Those things only happen to republicans. It’s always been that way.


Damn victims…always crying about something


Ford got many death threats and she’s just a private citizen.
President mocks her, thats okay.

its just the times we live in this divided nation of ours.



LOL. How many death threats against Obama. LOL.

too many to mention.



So much for Michelle telling democrats when Republicans go low Democrats would go high.


Obviously it has because CNN would be all over it if Republicans did half of what Democrats are doing.