The Blue wave poll of battleground house districts: oh let it be true 10-10-2018


Emotions are powerful. Us versus them creates a sense of belonging and purpose that a lot of people have lacked otherwise. It’s really amazing how they transfer their emotions onto others, though. I haven’t seen anything like it before.


Come on libs…it can’t be that hard to rattle off few ideas to improve the lives of ordinary Americans if you gain control of congress.

Unless of course you have no intentions of doing so.


You noticing mods?


Why would we…soon they will all be working for the state…freedoms will be crushed


I gave you guys every opportunity to tell the world how you plan on using power/congress to improve the lives of ordinary Americans…and not one single person step up to the plate.

Not one.


Ya want me to flag this so they notice it?


2016 called, wanted to remind you what year it was.


Lol - what the heck are they suppose to be noticing?


Ok you lost me on this one.i was behind you up until this point


I’m sure the tattler hot line is on fire. :grin:


So what did Clinton mean by no civility until D control congress?

Should Cruz and Sanders expect to be harassed in public eateries?

Is that OK now? Are D OK with reciprocity?

It is foolish to talk in this manner. Being less than civil is easy.


Are you asking us if we are noticing mods? Are you a Mod talker? Heavy Flagger? Whats going on in your head we wonder?`


Payback? That’s all Trump’s election was about. You admitted it yourself. You want the guy to punish libs. That’s your entire political philosophy. Nooooo LIbbbbbbzzzzz. So forgive the rest of the rational people here who just roll our eyes at you because you’ve snowflaked immensely.


I don’t suspect Clinton is on this forum - thus, I’d say an answer to that is not forthcoming. You’d have to check with her for an answer to whatever nonsense she says.


Maybe we are supposed to be noticing them?. Hard to say with this one.


Oh yah, you becha.


I’m seriously beginning to worry about some of our Trump supporting friends. They seem to be under a lot of stress lately.


I’ll bet she’s one of the readers Conan keeps talking about.


Civility doesn’t win elections. Not anymore.

But I will continue to be civil regardless.


We just like watching the Cons heads spin LOL!