The Blue wave poll of battleground house districts: oh let it be true 10-10-2018


Keeping Trump accountable is my goal in this election.


Point to the forum lib that wants to use government to harm Trump supporters.


Isn’t everything trump does payback? And don’t people like you lavish it up?


And is literally the only person saying it too. It’s hilarious to watch the fear and paranoia manifest itself.


Over and over and over again.


It’s exactly what our country needs right now. To be able to hold this corrupt administration to account.


I hope so…dissent will not be tolerated. Trump supporters should be put in camps where they can co exist in their little bubble and not affect the outside world…

Anyone who steps out of line should have their teeth kicked in


Plus our country tends to work best when neither party has complete control of government.


Don’t think for one moment people reading this forum haven’t noticed that not one lib…not one single lib is advocating using congress if they should win to improve the lives of ordinary Americans.

Now make it about me…it’s all you got.


Yes…we wamt to punish criminals and people who abuse power…jail them and throw away the key.


True…who cares about Americans when we can punish our enemies? Tear down all that you guys have built…


I cannot imagine living life in such constant fear of some perceived enemy always out to get me. Such weird victimization.


I’ve never understood the need to climb up on a cross at the least provocation, yet here we are.


Trump’s message has shifted hard to instill fear into his supporters in order to maintain his power.


Notice not one single lib step up to plate and tell us how they would use congress to improve the lives of ordinary Americans.

Instead they attack the messenger.

And don’t think the readers haven’t notice.


Not everyone is interested in thinking for themselves. Lots of people would prefer to be told what to think, even if that means being told to fear.


There can be no civility unless American people hand congress over to democrats so they can go after Trump and his supporters.

That is what they’re saying…that’s what their leaders are saying.


Just curious - how many readers do you imagine are out there? How many that aren’t republican?


Some of these posters seem to prefer the constant state of victimization. It suits them and confirms their worst biases.


Preach it!