The Blue wave poll of battleground house districts: oh let it be true 10-10-2018


Hey, you all keep saying democrats are behind Trump’s DOJ. Deep state and all…


I don’t think it will be her either.

I would be very uncomfortable making a wager on that prospect.



My dad owned horses and I basically grew up at the track betting horses. I learned very quickly there’s no such thing as a sure thing. This (and Mayfield over McGregor) is about as close as it gets.


Sure. No risk, no reward.



Only in your dreams.


:rofl: Loving it.


This story came to mind for those unfamiliar…

Over the fall and winter of 1939, Seabiscuit’s fitness seemed to improve by the day. By the end of the year, Smith was ready to return the horse to race training, with a collection of stable jockeys in the saddle. By the time of his comeback race, Pollard had cajoled Howard into allowing him the ride. After the horse was scratched due to soft going, the pair finally lined up at the start of the [La Jolla Handicap] on February 9, 1940. Seabiscuit was third, beaten by two lengths. By their third comeback race, Seabiscuit was back to his winning ways, running away from the field in the San Antonio Handicap to beat his erstwhile training partner, [Kayak II]

One race was left in the season. A week after the San Antonio, Seabiscuit and Kayak II both took the gate for the Santa Anita Handicap and its $121,000 prize. 78,000 paying spectators crammed the racetrack, most backing Seabiscuit. Pollard found his horse blocked almost from the start. Picking his way through the field, Seabiscuit briefly led. As they thundered down the back straight, Seabiscuit became trapped in third place, behind leader Whichcee and Wedding Call on the outside.

Trusting in his horse’s acceleration, Pollard steered between the leaders and burst into the lead, taking the firm ground just off the rail. As Seabiscuit showed his old surge, Wedding Call and Whichcee faltered, and Pollard drove his horse on, taking “The Hundred Grander” by a length and a half from the fast-closing Kayak II under jockey Leon Haas. Pandemonium engulfed the course. Neither horse and rider, nor trainer and owner, could get through the crowd of well-wishers to the winner’s enclosure for some time.


Clinton never was much of a leader. More of a political technocrat. She didn’t have the personality to make people believe her no matter the truth.

Basically the exact opposite of Trump.


Hell might as well be S100,000,000,000,000

she wont run again for anything. EVER.



Yeah…that’s not true at all…


How many votes did that change?


How do you justify cheating?

The unindicted co-conspirator you seem to love engaged in a criminal conspiracy to illegally affect the outcome of the election in his favor in 2016, and you don’t seem to bat an eye at that. :thinking:


Jason Chaffetz is who leaked the reopening of the investigation to the public. With the apparent blessing of the party leadership.


The Clintons announced Monday (Oct. 8) they will visit four cities in 2018 and nine in 2019 across North America in a series of conversations dubbed “An Evening with President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.” It is being produced by tour promoter Live Nation, the company behind Michelle Obama’s massive tour to promote her new book as well as tours for Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars.

The couple will hold joint conversations at the shows and share “stories and inspiring anecdotes that shaped their historic careers in public service, while also discussing issues of the day and looking toward the future,” Live Nation said.

Somehow I doubt many conservatives/Trump supporters/Republicans will be buying many tickets.


Apparently the Clinton’s think they have enough followers to do on road tour for their faithfuls.


Comey officially announced the reopening of the investigation.
And so he should have. If it had been hidden for the purpose of aiding Hillary and something earth shattering had been found after the election (assuming she had won), there would have been a real complaint about a conspiracy instead of the phony ones we have today.


He did not publicly announce the reopening of the investigation. He informed the Judiciary Committee, and Jason Chaffetz then used that insider information, presumably with the blessing of the party leadership, to leak that to the media and the story then became public. The GOP used their inside information to impact the outcome of the election in their favor.


Oh, I think so. I heard that tickets are in the $700 range. They are even visiting 3 Canadian cities.

But the idea that no one cares about the Clintons is obviously false. And she’s still doing a lot of interviews, including the one the other day saying there will be no civility until Dems take back power.


I knew you’d both get it and not get it.