The Blue wave poll of battleground house districts: oh let it be true 10-10-2018


Nobody is saying that the DNC didnt favor Clinton.

But Hell Bernie is NOT even a member of the Democratic Party.

That was enough for me to push the Clinton button in the Jersey Primary.



Trump cheated. No one even noticed. Of course, he cheated on Fox’s debate so it was ignored because he had them in his pocket. That was at an actual debate too, not some random town hall.


Total non-sequitor.


Needi remind you that Jar Jar Binks handed power over to Palpatine?


IIRC, they didn’t even use the question she was fed at the actual town hall.


Terribly delivered line, but prescient.

“This is how liberty dies…to thunderous applause”.


It was that 35k in Russian ads on Facebook that defeated Hillary.


Yes, the Left would have been cheering madly had Hillary won.


I agree with you. Facebook ads probably had little effect. The illegal hacks and release of emails as well as the shoddy treatment Clinton got from the FBI had a much greater effect.

There’s good data that indicates the “reopening” of the investigation into her server won the election for Trump. It also accounts for the reason polls were off in swing states since late deciding voters swung for Trump and were not accurately accounted for in polling which typically has a delay when it comes to accounting for these types of individuals.


Oh, I agree that the treatment by Comey had an effect, mostly because it took up the headlines instead of the last minute string of women with complaints about Trump and his grabbing.
Can hardly say the Trump campaign was behind that, though.


No, but it was Republicans that were behind it.

It was wrong for them to use their government power to swing an election that way. It wasn’t a fair election.


You go to the reeducation camps, where you belong.


So what? Fat Donald will be 74. And Fat Donald is in WAY worse shape than Biden.

It won’t matter anyways since Biden won’t be the nominee.


I would take the health of Trump over Biden…IF I had to pick one over the other.


I didn’t post that.


Says someone who justifies conspiring with a foreign power to interfere in our election


I know, it will be Hillary. And she’ll lose, again.


I’ll bet you $10,000 it won’t be Hillary.


Ummm…Republicans were behind the Obama FBI? Ok, I take that as a joke.


Do you know who publicly disclosed the fact that the investigation was “reopened” a week before the election?