The Blue wave poll of battleground house districts: oh let it be true 10-10-2018


Jade helm baby!


obama fema camps 2.0


I’m still waiting on democrats to tell us what they will do to improve the lives of ordinary Americans if they take control of Congress.

Instead all what libs can talk about is revenge, payback and punish Trump.


No they aren’t.


Wisconsin’s strict voter ID Law that went into effect during the 2016 Presidential election there likely prevented around 50,000 people from voting. Wisconsin had a lower voter turnout in 2016 from 2012 while Wisconsin’s neighboring states, Michigan and Minnesota had higher voter turnouts in 2016 from 2012.


Democratic voters don’t want to see people with pre-existing conditions and people who received Medicaid under the ACA to lose their healthcare coverage. If Republicans retain the House and gain at least a couple of Senate seats, they will likely try to again to eliminate the Medicaid expansion under the ACA.


There’s a laundry list of improvements to the ACA that the Dems have been trying to get through Congress for some time. Plus there’s student loan reform, and campaign finance reform that have been discussed a bit.


And you wanted Trump and Congress to use their power to punish liberals.

So there we go.

I know…I know…in yiur case, the feeling is justified.


10-1 shots come in every day at the racetrack. and 1-10 shots lose. basically there is no such thing as a sure thing. If there was everyone would bet on it and everyone would be a millionaire.

Clearly the Trump won wisconsin and was the underdog in that race.

its all about stats and probablities with 538.

there is even a chance republicans hold onto the house in 2018 (about 5-1 chance) and there is a chance of the Dems taking over the senate.(about 7-1)

538 is about right and wrong its about probably and stats based upon polls.

I could show you 2012. when the favorites all came in for Obama. :slight_smile:
Then i could show you 2016 when some underdog states came in for Trump. :frowning:



ACA is in desperate need of improvements, (repeal is not an option)

also DACA situation needs fixing.



Actually it could be said the DNC colluded with her to deny Sanders the nomination. Little bit of cheating went on there behind the scenes.


…and those stinking Walmart shopping deplorable Trump voters…They are going to get it…


If Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or Bernie sanders win the nomination

I will be voting 3rd party. This lifelong democrat wants new blood and future ideas,

Not yesterday solutions.

You can mark that down in stone.



she got way more votes than sanders in the primaries.



Thanks to Donna Brazile feeding her questions and DNC support.


Some very Trump supporting voters are convinced shopping at Walmart is what is destroying this country. They have a lower opinion of Walmart shoppers than anyone else here.


Wasserman schultz helped Clinton. But in the end Bernie let the Bernie bots down by kissing Clinton’s ass.


Yeah. Donna Brazille feeding her a question at CNN town hall really turned the election around for her.

Good grief.


If that is how you justify cheating…


Not as low as Strzok and Paige.