The Blue wave poll of battleground house districts: oh let it be true 10-10-2018


all I want is 30 measly seats…,oh please i am begging.

The people of America are about to speak on the Trump Presidency in one Month.

Lets put his corrupt admin on trial (or at least under oath)



25 days left. I hope Americans finally wake up and address this orange nightmare.


Another democrat wanting to use congress for political payback/weapon instead of using it to improve the lives of ordinary Americans.



That’s pretty gutsy to say after Rep Kevin Mccarthy stated that they used congress to ruin Hillary Clinton’s career. (And then withdrew himself from the speaker’s race)

It was something like that.


Won’t do you much good, enjoy your show hearings if they do take the house because that’s all you will be getting.


karma is a two headed monster.



How many times have I tried to warn people that libs want to use congress to punish Trump and his supporters.

Seems like “most” libs here are validated my warnings.


Oh no its a two-fer…Put the Trump corrupt admin on trial and BLOCK the Trump legislative agenda. Lets vote for the healthcare repeal and the Mexican wall shall we?



McConnell punished Obama by not granting his consent to the Garland Nomination.

as I said Karma can be a two headed monster…



According to Hillary their can be no civility unless we grant them power.

But yet they want to use that power to punish Trump and his supporters.


Punish corruption. Damn right.



Sure. Maybe another special prosecutor after Mueller finally gives up? Another two years of nothing?

Should all of the members of the DNC who were involved in funding and developing the goofy and bogus Trump Dossier be place under oath as well?


What corruption?

Spit it out?


LOL. for starters:



So you’re admitting that democrats want power to “Punish”.

Not to help improve the lives of American people.


Laser like attention to government corruption and lazy swamp creatures living large off taxpayer dollars.


Cool, just like all the Bengazi hearings.


Low hanging fruit?

Wilbur Ross.


This is nothing more than a straw man.